Thursday, 18 December 2008

Tyrala: "I hope to play in a higher league soon"

The BVB has the next national players: Sebastian Tyrala was eight days in Turkey on a course of the Polish perspective squad against Serbia and graduated its first A-match.

Congratulations to the first A-match. How else was it in Turkey?

Sebastian Tyrala: "It was like a training camp with two units a day. At the beginning it was not so simple. The language, you know nobody, while the others are all from the Polish league know. Because I felt a little uncomfortable. But that has quickly made. "

Thanks to the Internationals ...

"Yes. Against Sakaryaspor from the first Turkish league, we have won 3:0, I have prepared a gate. On Sunday we have played against Serbia, my first official A-match. I arrived at our 1-0 about 60 minutes to use. The game was broadcast live on Polish television transmitted. Afterwards, many acquaintances and friends when my parents called. "

They also had the opportunity to make national coach Leo Beenhakker to know?

"Yes, he and his crew were all the time here. Fortunately for me: He speaks no English and Polish, so often speaks English. The other players speak Polish, not German. So we have some time to think. He had probably already in Mr. Watzke inquired after me. Now he knows who I am. And yes, he is probably still in the Euro 2012 Polish national coach to be. "

What's next?

"With the World Cup qualifiers, I am not there yet, so I play only in the 4th League, which is also not satisfactory for me. But in Turkey was also the U21 national coach here. I hope in the next season in Germany or Poland in a higher league to play. "

Now, even the game with Borussia Dortmund 2 in Mainz on.

"We want the fifth victory in the series. At the moment makes it huge fun, I have in my trunk space amateurs. And we want to ascend in the summer. "

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