Saturday, 21 February 2009

Eintracht Frankfurt played against Borussia Dortmund II

In the very short notice dress rehearsal against the second representation of Eintracht Frankfurt was not only the result (of the BVB won by a late goal by Yasin Öztekin with 1:0), but over long distances also the performance.

"A really good test," reported Theo Schneider satisfied. The BVB had with the Leaders of the Regionalliga Süd tempo just as rich as it is technically necessary and respectable duel after a balanced first half earned enforced. After the break, drew up the Borussia significant optical advantages and had a clear chance Plus. Given hochkätiger ways, including by Christopher Kullmann, Sebastian Tyrala and Uwe Hünemeier, it would not have until the 86th Minute must, before Öztekin after a prolonged Hünemeier Vrancic corner the gate of the day marked.

Except for ordinary goalkeeper Marcel Schneider Höttecke had in the last game of the preparation of its first full squad together. The focus of course, especially the players from the advanced professional cadres. Nearly all presented in an appealing Constitution: Marcel Schmelzer for instance, after the red card by Lee for the Friday game at Schalke and is set on the left outside position normally operated safely, but also Christopher Kullmann and Yasin Öztekin who run a high workload and delivers only in the financial statements a little more consistency would have shown. Solid again captain Uwe Hünemeier in the interior defense. Damir Vrancic, before the break in a more aggressive role as usual, there was only more efficient, as he later on his six-incumbent position changed.

In this second half Schneider tried other versions of: Sebastian Hille for Marcel Schmelzer on links, Julian Cook on Saturday for the yellow-locked Daniel Gordon in the defensive center. Both worked so well that the coach has already laid down: "So we will play against Cleves."

Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch (46. Beer) - Koch, Gordon (46. Omerbegovic) Hünemeier, Schmelzer (46. Hille) - Piossek (75. large Kreutz), Hillenbrand - Tyrala, Vrancic, Öztekin - Kullmann. - Tor: 1:0 Öztekin (86th).


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dortmund 2 against SSV Hagen

A football tidbits served the SSV Hagen tonight (kick-clock 19) on the new artificial grass pitch at Höing. They take the Landesliga-Eleven by Oliver Gottwald on the amateurs of Borussia Dortmund.

Departure at SSV Hagen: Andreas Teichmann (left) and Ömer Durgun (right) now play for other clubs. Whether the SSV compensate this loss can be seen. (Photo: Laundry) (Dietmar Laundry)
Departure at SSV Hagen: Andreas Teichmann (left) and Ömer Durgun (right) now play for other clubs. Whether the SSV compensate this loss can be seen. (Photo: Underwear)

The BVB, currently Second in the Regionalliga table, with some players from the advanced professional cadre applies. Among other things, Daniel Gordon, Uwe Hünemeier, goalkeeper Luke Kruse and Sebastian Tyrala at the prospective squad for the Polish national team belongs to. Oliver Gottwald is looking forward to the prestigious opponents, but make no mistake, what the outcome of the game is concerned: "Since my boys can only learn. It is probably a very intensive course unit will be."

Games like this are a welcome opportunity to return to the familiar rhythm to come. Although the winter break ends on 1 March, but already has a backlog of SSV game contest: On Sunday, 8 February, when the lot TuS Stockum used. And already here will show how realistic the objective for the Forest God Rückrunde is: "We want to try everything to still be second!"

An ambitious undertaking, as a glance at the table shows, currently six points behind the second, the SV Hohenlimburg, values. Moreover, if one considers that with Andreas Teichmann (SV Mengede), Ömer Durgun (FC Lennestadt) and Alexandra Homann (SV H'burg 10) the three performance-makers have used the winter break to re-orient. With players from the A-youth, and with Timo dice are only two new players added. "But," there is certainly Gottwald, "that fits all."

Good test against Habinghorst

A first test last Sunday when VfB Habinghorst, a team of Landesliga 3, agrees Gottwald confident in any case. With the SSV won 3:2 after goals from Daniel hikers, Michel Bindsteiner and Tim Paulsen, what the trainer "fairly decent" was held. The fact that his squad to 18 players (including goalkeeper) has decreased, he finds not bad: "Since we must now stop bite through.¨


Borussia 2 against Wuppertal - Tyrala meets the test

With a very appealing performance, the BVB 2 yesterday a 1:0 (1:0)-victory against Wuppertal SV landed.
The test match against the Drittligisten was agreed upon at short notice.

The gate of the day at the training center in Sebastian Tyrala Brackel achieved by a self-inflicted on him foul penalty just before the page break. Tyrala counted as hanging storm peak, not only because of his hits on the most prominent actors of his team. Tyrala also met with a chance of even the outer posts.

Coach Theo Schneider had to include without a service provider such as Christopher Kullmann, Damir Vrancic and Yasin Öztekin constraints, which are still in the array of professionals are available. Also absent yesterday against the team from the country at short notice Bergisches the ailing Denis Omerbegovic and Lars Ricken.

Especially in the first 45 minutes was the Borussen convincing. Due to the lack of re-Jörn Neumeister and Uwe Schneider Hünemeier offered with Marcel large Kreutz and Daniel Gordon in the interior and defense with Nico Hillenbrand and Marcus Piossek defensive midfield in an unusual formation, but their chance to use probation knew.

Weakness in the Borussen remains the left side of the Vierekette. That at the end of the 2nd Half of the game at Borussia River lame, the coach was not crooked, "We have in the past few days very hard and concentrated training, as is the normal wear and tear forces." After all, sat the Borussen yesterday convincingly against a higher class club through.

On Sunday (14.30 clock) plays Borussia 2 when SC Wiedenbrück, the sovereign leader of Westphalia 1st League "Until then we will still continue to give full training," said Schneider, whose boys to re-start of the championship on 21 February 1 against FC Kleve more than a month's notice.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse, cooking, large Kreutz, Gordon, Oscislawski (46. Blacha); Hillenbrand, Piossek; Hille (46 Lorenz), Buttgereit, Tyrala, Ginczek (46. Schneider). Tor: 1:0 Tyrala (45, foul penalty kick)


Borussia 2 convinced just before the break

After three consecutive test match victories came Borussias Regionalliga team yesterday evening on the training ground Brackel against NRW Ligist Hammer SV does not have a 1:1 addition.

Theo Schneider was because only the first pass happy. Following the early lead once again by the good Tyrala Sebastian (10th, according to preliminary beautiful by Michael Oscislawski) dominated the BVB events clearly showed Featured combinations, but failed to light a whole series of crystal-clear chances, the lead.

After re-start the hosts were no longer at their hitherto convincing performance build. "If we are in great styles change, we get problems at the moment," Schneider summed up the total of 18 players, has his impressions together. After the compensation after a corner hit (53.) were the actions of the hosts over long distances zerfahren, found the Borussen not back into the game.

The first time in the preparation were Damir Vrancic and Christopher Kullmann at the "amateurs" in use. Both were noted, they need more match practice needs. On the other hand, offered alongside Sebastian Tyrala Michael Oscislawski an appealing lot.

Theo Schneider had with Alex Rosin southwest of the regional Betzdorf SG and the 17-year-old Brazilian guest Netinho two, which is obviously a matter of trying to make a good impression. While the current state is not accompanied by a commitment Netinhos is to Rosin will continue to be monitored. (U. St.) BVB 2: Beer (46 Foch) - Cooking (46 Omerbegovic), Gordon (46. large Kreutz), Hünemeier, Oscislawski (75 Lorenz) - Ricken (60. Alecsandrov) Vrancic, Piossek ( 46th Netinho), Tyrala (60. Schneider) - Kullmann, Rosin. - Tore: 1:0 Tyrala (10), 1:1 (53.).


Romanians too strong for the Borussia Dortmund 2

Nothing to get there was for Borussias Regionalliga team against Romania's UEFA Cup participants Unirea Urziceni.

Clearly with 1:4 (0:2) was the first of two test in the context of the training camp at Nova Olivia lost. Perhaps it would be with complete occupation of a lot better run, but coach Theo Schneider must be on the Spanish Mediterranean coast known for some master players refrain.

Disappointed was the Borussen coach did not. "It was important that the guys after the 0:2-break status shows the correct response and to learn about high stakes have increased significantly." Sun designed the Dortmunder the second over long distances through balanced, had in the meantime even optical benefits and good opportunities to a Anschlusstor before following a vision from Schneiders dubious penalty (Daniel Gordon who was should have) the decision made. After the 0:4 Julian Koch reached only the honorary hits (88.).

A foul penalty caused by goalkeeper John Foch, had already Unirea after three minutes brought in leadership. Then showed the second table of the first Romanian league all its quality, the BVB-Defensive always under pressure and made a second hit after. After re-start the Borussen were then significantly better on the offensive actions of the Romanian one. Besides scorer Julian Koch, according to Schneider also played Nico Hillenbrand, and Sebastian Tyrala above the average. (U. St.) BVB 2: Foch - Koch, GroßKreutz, Gordon (80. Evers), Oscislawski (46. Götze) - Piossek, Hillenbrand (70. Kandziora), Ricken, Tyrala - Omerbegovic (46. Schneider), Hille . - Tore: 0:1 (foul penalty, 3), 0:2 (28), 0:3 (foul penalty, 75), 0:4 (82.); 1:4 Koch (88.).


Tyrala Scored a Goal against CF Denia

Successful completion of the training camp in Olivia Nova: On the day before departure celebrated Borussias Regionalliga team a 6:1 (4:1)-success over the Spanish Drittligisten CF Denia.

However, the significant result is relative, because the opponent was not his first set on the field. However, it was satisfied Theo Schneider: "Without overestimate the lot, we have to run the ball well, played aggressively and a high gear." So Borussen the shot before the break, a 4:1-lead out before the eingewechselte Raphael Lorenz in the second round after a double-pack set. Also twice met Marco Schneider, the trainer in the center of an ordinary attack power attested: "These two goals were very important for him."

Today it is for the delegation BVB: Pack your bags. After a recent run unit's home, where they are totally different climatic conditions than expected in the Mediterranean. Even given the best possible framework Theo Schneider drew a positive conclusion of the Spain-residence: "We were seven days in a targeted and intensive work. The guys have great mitgezogen and all are fit."

Plus points collected mainly Daniel Gordon, located in the interior defense has established Nico Hillenbrand and Marcus Piossek as alternatives to the six-position, and Sebastian Tyrala the offensive in his good form from the Hinrunde in Nova Olivia confirmed. Schneider: "He has played for months at a constant high level." (U. St.) BVB 2: Beer (46 Foch) - Koch, large Kreutz, Gordon, Hille - Ricken (55. Oscislawski), Hillenbrand, Piossek, Kandziora (46. Omerbegovic) - Tyrala (70. Alecsandrov), Schneider (70 Lorenz). - Tore: 1:0 Tyrala (5), 1:1 (12), 2:1 Schneider (14), 3:1 Ricken (foul penalty, 31); 4:1 Schneider (43), 5 : 1 Lorenz (75), 6:1 Lorenz (88.).