Monday, 8 December 2008

Borussia-Youngster increase pressure on Established

The qualities of Borussia football talent has always been undisputed. When effort against Prussia Munster showed the young boys that they have a game but also about the struggle to decide.

The strong performance, especially his youngster was one of the most encouraging aspects of this game. "They have not only played the game well, but even of emphasis," rejoiced Theo Schneider on the happiness handles Marcus Piossek, Daniel Ginczek and Julian Koch, as the defenders even something like the discovery of the game was. "Perhaps it is even for him the ideal position," said the coach about Julian Koch, the hitherto always in the inner defense came to the course.

While Koch has already delivered some good games, surprised by the strong debut of Piossek. Schneider had in the nomination no abdominal pain: "He has trained well, so he was now also time off - and he has the opportunity." All three have the pressure on the incumbents increased. For a complete squad will also help Nico Hillenbrand and Bajram Sadrijaj the way back into the starting formation only top performances possible.

In the top game on Saturday (14.00 clock) in the championship favorites Rot-Weiss Essen will, however, an entirely different Borussen formation on the square. One day after the Bundesliga match against Gladbach is not only again with Damir Vrancic be expected, but also to gain "from above", while Marcel Schmelzer and Marc Kruska as the first candidates apply.

Daniel Ginczek with the U 18 to Israel

During the short term against Munster defaulted Nico Hillenbrand and Jörn Neumeister likely to return, others have no choice but to adapt: Julian cooking because its fifth yellow card, which for weeks heavily aufspielende Sebastian Tyrala because of a course of the Polish perspective selection by national coach Leo Beenhakker and Daniel Ginczek because of a short-preserved invitation for the 18-U national team, which on Saturday at a tournament after Israel launches. "Maybe it is possible that he one day later nachreist," Theo Schneider hopes that the A-young also for the serious lot in Essen on the invoice had. (U. St.)


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