Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tyrala scored the second goal against SC Wiedenbrück

Despite a significant staffing shortage is already 2 Borussia prima momentum. This was also at 4:1 (3:0)-Success in yesterday's test match at SC Wiedenbrück clear.

Theo Schneider was mainly from the appearance in the first half-pleased when his boys went high tempo football and attractive combination showed. Sebastian Tyrala was involved in all three goals: the 1:0 by Sebastian Hille, he had shared with Nico Hillenbrand prepared (5), which he marked 2:0 pass by Daniel Ginczek itself (20) and had at 3:0 He Uwe Hünemeier a free accurately on the head gezirkelt (25).

After re-start did the forces of wear after the hard work training noticeable. The Borussia submitted at least a fourth hit by Denis Omerbegovic after (74. again after preparation of Gincek). The honor of the hit SC Wiedenbrück the Westfalen League 1 with a nearly flawless record and according to Schneider leads "good NRW-league level had dropped one minute before a deadline by Christian Beer caused foul penalty.

Although many players were missing (in addition to the professionals because the Damir Vrancic, Yasin Öztekin and Christopher Kullmann Lars Ricken was also due to back and thigh complaints are not included), took the lot valuable insights. Daniel Ginczek over again in the attack center, Nico Hillenbrand liked - as against Wuppertal in defensive midfield. "He has worked with many of his aggressiveness won two fights, the game effectively taken forward and is on this position certainly an option," Schneider was satisfied.

Also in the next few days will continue Borussen trainer must improvise. The by switching from Fabian Buttgereit after Velbert (as reported) already reduced squad has continued to shrink after Mehmet Boztepe two fingers in training has been broken. The midfield player will be operated on Thursday and on 5 February will not go into training camp.

The next test denies the BVB on Thursday (18.30 clock) when Landesligisten SSV Hagen. (U. St.)

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse (46. Beer) - Koch, Gordon (46. large Kreutz), Hünemeier, Oscislawski - Omerbegovic Piossek (46. Treude), Hillenbrand, Hille (46. Alecsandrov) - Tyrala (70. Lorenz) - Ginczek. - Tore: 0:1 Hille (5), 0:2 Tyrala (20), 0:3 Hünemeier (25), 0:4 Omerbegovic (74), 1:4 (foul penalty, 89).


Together, the team keeps honorable

A third place at the Halle tournament in Cloppenburg, a 0:2-defeat in the first outdoor test against second division Rot-Weiss Ahlen - a weekend record, with no Theo Schneider was dissatisfied.

Finally, had the coach of Borussia Dortmund 2 at the end of the first week to prepare a number of important players refrain. Against Ahlen, as alongside the professionals in the short term because the players and the flu and sick Uwe Hünemeier Nico Hillenbrand had to adjust, there was a quite a group of formation on the artificial turf of the training grounds. Especially precarious the situation at the goalkeeper position: Christian Beer, after earlier in the day on Cloppenburg ankle was injured, had the B-young Cedric Drobe step - and he did his job properly.

The same can be from the rest of the team say. "We have only a few scoring chances admitted" said Schneider of the Association cover a testimonial. It had large interior defender Marcel Kreutz with his cousin Kevin delivered some interesting duels in which he is not a bad figure issued. The 0:2 by Ahlen large Kreutz Dortmund but was eventually unable to prevent (80). Had to break with the full squad angereiste second division by Rene 'Mueller with 1:0 front located. After re-start, and many go to the guests gave Borussia continue well. In the 70th Schneider minutes senses a great opportunity for compensation, called after a game in hand supposed Ahlen penalty in vain, however, a penalty kick.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Drobe - Koch (46 Blacha), Marcel large Kreutz, Gordon, Buttgereit - Hille, Piossek, Tyrala (46 Lorenz), Omerbegovic - Ricken (46. Boztepe) - Ginczek. - Tore: 0:1 Muller (38th), Kevin 0:2 large Kreutz (80).

Even at the last indoor appearance this winter, Schneider had numerous service providers waived. Nevertheless fought the depleted team to the "small final" and then defeated the North Bremer the regional FC Upper Neuland after 1:3-residue with 5:4.

"The guys have beaten very good," summed up the trainer Borussen the events together. Perhaps even more of it have been if the unfortunate 2:3-defeat in the semifinal against 93 for the Altona already missing injured Christian Beer with Sebastian Tyrala not have a field player in goal gemusst. The already small contingent had really shrunk to seven people, as even Michael Oscislawski with a modest Hüftprellung.

In the group phase, the BVB SV Wilhelmshaven (3:2) and league rival Sportfreunde Lotte (3:0) defeated. After a 0-2 defeat against the late-ren tournament champion VfB Oldenburg handed it to at least second place.

In Cloppenburg played: Beer; large Kreutz, Piossek, Boztepe Lorenz Tyrala, Oscislawski, Koch, Blacha.


Tyrala meets the test

The test match against Drittligisten was agreed upon at short notice.

The gate of the day at the training center in Sebastian Tyrala Brackel achieved through a self-inflicted on him foul penalty just before the page break. Tyrala counted as hanging storm peak, not only because of his hits on the most prominent players on his team. Tyrala also met with a chance of even the outer posts.

Coach Theo Schneider had to include without service providers such as Christopher Kullmann, Damir Vrancic and Yasin Öztekin constraints, which are still in the presence of the pros are. Also missing yesterday against the team from the country at short notice Bergisches the ailing Denis Omerbegovic and Lars Ricken.

Especially in the first 45 minutes was the Borussen convincing. Due to the lack of fresh Jörn Neumeister and Uwe Schneider Hünemeier offered with Marcel large Kreutz and Daniel Gordon in the interior and defense with Nico Hillenbrand and Marcus Piossek in a defensive midfield formation ungewöhliche on, but their probation opportunity knew.

Weakness in the Borussen remains the left side of the Vierekette. That at the end of the 2nd Half of the game at Borussia lahmte river, the coach was not crooked, "We have in recent days concentrated very hard and trained, as is the normal wear and tear forces." After the continued yesterday Borussen convincing against a higher class club through.

On Sunday (14.30 clock) plays Borussia 2 when SC Wiedenbrück, the sovereign leader of Westphalia League 1st "Until then we will still continue to give full training," said Schneider, whose boys to re-start of the championship on 21 February 1 against FC Kleve still one month's notice.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse, cooking, large Kreutz, Gordon, Oscislawski (46. Blacha); Hillenbrand, Piossek; Hillesheim (46 Lorenz), Buttgereit, Tyrala, Ginczek (46. Schneider). Tor: 1:0 Tyrala (45., foul penalty)


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Birthday celebration in Mainz is missed

A beautiful Bescherung ... but the more experienced the negative nature of the amateurs BvB today in Mainz. Aspirations and reality, they gape at the Schneider team ever again. The first leg won the Dortmund with 4:1, but now put it at the lower ranks ten FSV placed an unnecessary 0:2-defeat, what the gap on league leader Kaiserslautern on 8 points left to grow.

Before 1000, the team lost viewers by Theo Schneider completely deserved. After the grandiose 4:3 victory against eating, the associated enthusiasm within the team and really numerous accompanying fans, promptly followed by the disillusionment today. The euphoria that seems likely to Mainz rumgesprochen it. Anders can be, for the 4th League (!) Significant contingent of police presence would not explain. Where you could hear it, everything remained peaceful, and suitable for Christmas, then more contemplative.

After six years schnürte with an old Damir Vrancic his homecoming football shoes for FSV Mainz 05, before the 23-year-old before this season to the second team of Borussia Dortmund moved. "We want to ascend. Therefore, the three points against Mainz scheduled," he had before the game in no doubt at Borussia victory left. Solo on the implementation is lagging behind.

Because only the Dortmund Appendix convinced to 100% by first-class exemplary support of their own teams. It should be nearly a 90-minute vocal performance in a positive sense of black fans are yellow. Apparently motivated them, began the first BvB also very good at. Sebastian Hille had shortly after the start even the first chance in the foot. FSV-keeper Davari, however, clarified. The next two options were, however, the hosts of the carnival stronghold, but just in gates could be converted.

It quickly became the accompanying Borussen fans clear that this game is not a self-runner. The Mainzer were disciplined and were the guests from Westphalia unlikely place to build ordinary game. And when you make Dortmund durchkam, it was ultimately back a foot to the contrary, more on the ball and was able to avoid worse. It also had goalscorer Christopher Kullmann to take in the 20th Only minutes before the Mainzer Tor appeared, but his shot was deflected to the corner.

The game was now part of something harsh and build a real game was on both sides will not be really established. This certainly resulted from the many, for the most part, Ball unnecessary losses, both teams. If it was dangerous times, then by default situations. So it was Damir Vrancic, allowing all to old Wirkungsstäte obviously wanted to show and in the 35th Minute free kick beautifully placed in the corner. Davari goalkeeper could nevertheless wonderfully staged, and the ball from the angle fish. The subsequent corner was no danger to the Mainzer housing.

On the other side, he wanted the same high 05er Oliver and show that he can shoot free kicks. His shot just misguided but also the goal, so it still remains goalless was 0:0. For the first truly beautiful part of this attack caused the men Riske and high by FSV. With an attractive double pass on the left side, attacked the Mainzer combination strongly. Khaibar Amani knew this beautiful but not prepared to use and provided with a pass into the empty for a few horror at the 05ern am Bruchweg.

A warning! Indeed, it was Amani, who shortly afterwards a header just over the Dortmund goal and thus began the next great opportunity versiebte. Wijnen after referee whistled for half time. It was 0:0. The strong home Mainz were set at the Borussen however, had already strongly what change, if the 5th Victory in a row to move.

The second came Habzeit logical Marcel large Kreutz for the hapless Omerbegovic. For the first exclamation but ensured the hosts. In the 52nd Petreski minutes sat nicely on the left side and flankte the ball in the 16er there waiting on the free-standing and Amani. This time the striker did everything right and köpfte to 1-0 On.

But the answer came Borussen the post and the guys Theo Schneider tried immediately after this gap, the booklet in hand to take. Unfortunately, the success, because the BvB unfortunately no simple remedy for the Mainzer was moving well. Instead, increasingly now the counter for the landlords. But when the players of coach Peter Neustädter accuse wants something, then they simply their ability to "shipping". Completely Ideenlos acted Mainzer at this stage of the game.

Theo Schneider also reacted to the lack of genius from the midfield and moved into the 67th Lars Ricken minutes for Hille, in order to reinforce the game now in order. With the new "boss" in the midfield Giff Borussia then again. And it was again one of these situations, the danger caused. But Kullmann Tyralla Make a free kick just past the gate.

Later, Raphael Lorenz into play. He had Öztekin from the square. The game was still up last open. Neunationalspieler Tyralla it was then that is fine with a single on the 16er noticeable. Unfortunately, he took the flank into the penalty area no buyers.

The time ran the Borussen of the further discussions on the compensation and it should be pushed back Tyralla be cared for danger. His allusions to Lawrence unfortunately remained without the desired results at the end. In the 90th Minutes you should still be on the train to Mainz. After earlier novel Neustädter a huge opportunity could not use, it should Elliott better. This ensured in the final minutes then for all crucial 2-0 for the hosts.

The game was briefly abgepfiffen. The BvB has initially missed the distance to the "Red Devils" from Kaiserslautern close to shorten. Thus, it was unfortunately not a premature Bescherung for the amateurs of BvB.

Responses to the game:

Luke Kruse: We have never come into play. We had actually made us that we immediately build-up of pressure and disrupt the Mainzer early in their game design. That has simply not taken place. We are not with us was clear. Football was with us today, nothing going on, one has to say. And then one loses in Mainz, Mainz today, especially as the very well played.

Sebastian Tyralla: So shortly after the game, it is difficult to find an explanation. Today we have just not played well. Not consistently enough to the front. It is quite sad, now we have two months to wait until it goes on and it's just annoying because we are the last four games so good. But what it now has finally located, I can so soon after the game does not say.

Damir Vrancic: Festival scheduled were the 3 points here is not so sure. We wanted to get here, what, but in the end we deserved then lost. That is something we just say so sober.

His use of the old impact site:

It was a little weird feeling, but of course I wanted to win here BvB. I have a few old friends again. We have in the first leg already played against each other. From the stadium since it was something special to be back in Mainz, but at the moment outweighs the disappointment.

Lars Ricken: First you have to say that there is an absolutely deserved defeat for us. They have really from the first minute played aggressively. Because you have seen from the outset that this game they wanted to win. Perhaps that is always a problem after such a highlight against such food. Then it goes during the week also relatively loose in the cabin to. And perhaps it is just hard to go against such an enemy that is so aggressively occurs, the lever equally.

Coach Theo Schneider: I had said that there is a more difficult task, which was the last in Essen. I know the Mainz team, they've got home, I think, 14 points out. There is a strong team game, which is still very strong race. Today we have certainly suffered a setback, have not played as good as in recent weeks. But that's the way, even in this league. We must now in the first game again from scratch. I see that now in the Rückrunde at the three-point scheme to be absolutely feasible, nor to Kaiserslautern to move up. We would like the whole course, finished with five victories, because it's the last game of the year was, but we will again join forces in the preparation and then start catching up.

On the absence of the three professionals, Kruska, Schmelzer and Sadrijaj:

It lacked not only the professionals. There is also e.g. a cook of the Julian in the penultimate home game against Munster the best man on the pitch was. Of course we would Schmelzer on the left side and Sadrijaj well in the storm today to face confessed. About Kruska we need so you do not talk about them. But that's the way, the realities we must accept the way and since we have been using for years.

In support of the Dortmund fans:

I certainly hope that we in the new year once again as a great support will have. What the fans here today once again on its feet have been sensational. I hope that we could use a little bit of it back if we can at last match at home against red and white food to climb clear.


1. FSV Mainz 05 II: Davari - J. Krause (82. Tautenhahn) Steil, Telch, kettle - Neustädter, High - Riske, Petreski (90. Raczka) - Heil, Amani (89. Elliott)

Borussia Dortmund II: L. Kruse - Hille (66. Ricken), Hünemeier, Gordon, Hillenbrand - Piossek, Tyrala, Vrancic, Öztekin (78. R. Lorenz) - Kullmann, Omerbegovic (46. large Kreutz)

Referee: Wijnen (Hanover)
Viewers: 1000