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The Latest Interview with Sebastian Tyrala

Sebastian Tyrala is master player in the regional and was now in the Polish national team appointed. About his further plans he spoke with Sven Bauer. In November this year got the message that you need for the Polish national team have been nominated. How and where did you learn?

Sebastian Tyrala: I have the morning after training amateur experience. I have on my phone Factory and had 100 calls and chill as many SMS. The first SMS messages that I have read, was from my advisers and there it stood:''Welcome to the Polish national team''. First, I wanted to not believe it and then called my parents - and they have confirmed. What were your first thoughts?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is difficult to say what I thought the moment, because the joy was so huge that I just had to calm down. But then I presented as the anthem is played and for the first time the Polish wearing jersey. What do you have for a first impression of national coach Leo Beenhakker?

Sebastian Tyrala: Leo Beenhakker I have not yet personally met and therefore it is difficult to say how the first impression is. However, I would say that he is a very good coach and everyone can teach a lot. On what look you most?

Sebastian Tyrala: I am honestly at all. Just to make people get to know and of course the game is against Serbia the most beautiful. Coach Beenhakker has sent you a bet against Serbia promised. How to prepare yourself before your debut?

Sebastian Tyrala: Before the game starts, we still have about a week to help us prepare for the game and I am already as good as it can present. Otherwise, every player has his own rituals before a game, and I will keep before a match. An important ritual for me is that I am the only football pitch with a left foot touch - that I have been doing for many years. Do you have your team-mates Jakub Blaszczykowski already spent, as he so vehemently for you in relation to the national team into the stuff has?

Sebastian Tyrala: The invitation for the food is already in place, we just have a suitable day. You have now finally decided to Poland, although the possibility existed, the German national team to join. There were serious side of German attempts to enter the team to pick?

Sebastian Tyrala: I have many great times with the German national team had, but there was never a concrete sign me for the U-21 invite. The Polish federation has been very trying for me and for me it was a good sign. Since I am born in Poland and we are at home with us also live polish, was for me the decision even easier. You are a Dortmunder own greenhouses and underwent many youth teams. Can you remember how your first contact between the BVB and you went, as you do in Bad Sassendorf played?

Sebastian Tyrala: The Borussia organizes every year a big event,''which is the day of talents''calls. There are all youth coach of Borussia Dortmund on the spot and then look at the games many small children. If one strikes, he will be approached and invited to trial. That was also the case with me and I was able to convince trial training. I am again in 1999 when Borussia landed. The Borussia Dortmund has already spawned some talent. What are the virtues you have learned in youth, or at what there is a lot of emphasis?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is difficult to say what much valued. I always had a good feeling, because we in any training could learn something. We had great coaches and the environment during Borussia's always been really great. For many players is the first serious body of the exchange of the youth in the area seniors. How was it for you?

Sebastian Tyrala: I am directly from the B-youth in the professional cadre of Borussia Dortmund moved and after about a week I had a torn cruciate ligament and had by this violates a whole year to fight. One can say that I almost two years in order to arrive in seniors football. But this season I am the first physically fit properly and thus I can get better performance. Your Bundesliga debut gave you on 22.09.2006 in the away game at Borussia Moenchengladbach, you were for the Swiss Alexander Frei eingewechselt. With what feelings do you have in the lot is included?

Sebastian Tyrala: This is a feeling that you can not really describe it. Because it is madness, how great it is to be able to play football - before so many spectators. This one remembers that it is worthwhile to work hard to someday come to the very top. Your home debut gave you a game later before the famous "wall", the Dortmund fans. You get into so much a moment, the goose bumps or hides from you and completely focused on the game?

Sebastian Tyrala: In the first moment you get a shiver, and in any case. The forfeit in the game of course, because you are concentrating on other things. However, you can hear the chants of fans ever, and after the game (if it was obtained) can also really enjoy. You have a variety of arenas as the Bundesliga Borussia players attended. Where is your mood is best remembered?

Sebastian Tyrala: In each stadium, it is something special. For us in the Signal Iduna Park, the mood is incredible and of course the best thing the Bundesiga has to offer. But the fans from Frankfurt and Hamburg have made me very impressed. What in the 06/07 season even started so well, then went slowly downhill. They completed 07/08 still a Bundesliga game, you were going into the season officially Regionalliga squad "made". Let's face: What is your opinion located? And what you answer people who say you are too vulnerable or would overrate themselves?

Sebastian Tyrala: Before we had the question of whether I'm seniors football arrived and repeat because I am also happy again. I had a very severe injury, where I was twice operated on her knee and so was a whole year out bin. And I got up to the current season with my body worked to top to be fit and therefore I can only now really show what I can. I think I'm not vulnerable, because it was the knee after a foul play and otherwise, I had never injured any worse. Whether I appreciate about myself? Since I can only say that I do not in any case. I just had a lot of bad luck and now comes a time that is very good for me and when I run because continue to do, I can be a very positive development. You've been described as a great talent, you were a great future in Dortmund predicted. Do sometimes even before, not where to have everything?

Sebastian Tyrala: On the square, of course, I try always to give 100 percent and sometimes it works and sometimes does not. But I would never accuse me that I may not always have everything. Since the summer, you play officially for the Second Team of the BVB. Who did you finally informed that cadres in the Bundesliga team have little chance?

Sebastian Tyrala: I did with Mr. Zorc talked about what would be better for me and we both have recognized that it is probably better if I try, in the amateurs a fixed trunk space to develop. And for me that this step has been very worthwhile. Currently I am master player and I can recommend for other tasks. What is the role of coach Juergen Klopp here?

Sebastian Tyrala: With Juergen Klopp, I have never talked about this topic. Do you feel unfairly treated in general?

Sebastian Tyrala: no. Each coach has an idea of his team and his players and it may be that I do not fit into the profile. I am not angry, but every footballer would be disappointed. You are regarded as striker and you will under no chance against the Offenisvkräfte Zidan, Frei, Valdez and Klimowicz to have. What can you answer?

Sebastian Tyrala: At the moment I play with the amateurs in the midfield and I can say that I post many ions can occupy. I can answer a similar question as in the earlier: It may be that I do not fit the profile that Juergen Klopp imagine, but that you can not say that I am not against others, such as striker Zidan, Valdez, etc. can enforce . In Regionalliga team, you are a fixed size. Do you have problems, for the team to motivate or see it as an opportunity?

Sebastian Tyrala: So I see this as an opportunity. The Regionalliga is a good league, with many good footballers. Here I would like to show good performance and with the team soar. So it's absolutely no problem to motivate myself. Your coach is there, Theo Schneider. How important is it for you?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is quite clear that it is very important for me. It gives me much confidence at the moment and I try to play it by good performances back to pay. How can you look at the difference in team cohesion between the reserve and the Bundesligaelf imagine?

Sebastian Tyrala: I think there are not so many differences, if at all, there. Each team has goals and I think everyone gives everything in order to achieve these goals. The situation was in recent months not just for you. Who you at this moment?

Sebastian Tyrala: Since I am at my parents' bathroom in Sassendorf live, I have many people who support me because I'm never alone. My family and my girlfriend are my biggest fans and they believe in me - and this is tremendously important. And of course all my friends with whom I had previously played together. Everyone is thinking positively and that helps me. If the headline "From the Regionalliga in the national team" always reads, so it raises a question: Leo Beenhakker you overestimated or underestimated Juergen Klopp you?

Sebastian Tyrala: As I said, each coach pursues a different game and it may be that I am better in the Polish Nationalmannschft do, but I think it overestimated and underestimated me neither. The situation is similar for your team-mates Nuri Sahin, the master player at Feyenoord and was now on the bench fristet his existence. Did you in Dortmund as its own talent no lobby?

Sebastian Tyrala: The question is not easy to answer. The best example is Marc-Andre Kruska be. He has nearly 100 Bundesliga games and my feeling is that it is in Dortmund, never a reputation gets. It is not easy, as a junior player in Dortmund enforce. Brzenska, Odonkor, Gambino etc are all no longer at Borussia. Your situation may be, in any case not go on. Arka Gdynia you wish to undertake. How will it go now?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is also perfectly clear that I am around for alternatives. But it must also fit. Everything is not so easy, but it is important that I show good performance and I so recommend. If you want to leave Borussia Dortmund and if so - by borrowing, or do you want to start from scratch?

Sebastian Tyrala: I can not even until today to answer. But I think it probably would be better if I start from scratch somewhere and there is no longer questioned, which was 3 years ago. What conditions would have to bring the new club?

Sebastian Tyrala: The trainer should have an interest in me, because it brings me nothing, somewhere to go and play then I do not. Otherwise, the environment must also reasonably fit, but otherwise there are not many conditions. If you look back: Would you all again just to make decisions or otherwise meet?

Sebastian Tyrala: I would duel with Jan Koller avoided, then I would have had no knee injury. But otherwise I would do everything exactly like today. Ideally, where I meet you in three years?

Sebastian Tyrala: In any case, I will play football somewhere, wherever and in whatever league that shows then. I am in any case very positively voted and I am very pleased at the coming years. Please tell an anecdote from your football life.

Sebastian Tyrala: The tell me when I'm 40 years old!

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