Friday, 26 December 2008

"still be growth in the spring"

The placement is fine, even with the score so far, the Borussia Dortmund 2 after the autumn-round finale in the Regionalliga West live. If it were not for the huge gap on leader Kaiserslautern.

Eight counter the black and yellow as the first followers of the leader in the table on 22 February Spring Series beginning to catch up. "That is to pack," Theo Schneider returns despite the disappointing year diploma in Mainz confidence out. "Kaiserslautern," said his sentiment, "had a huge run, but is not about the team and the league is such a series can not be repeated, to indicate the many already scarce results out." The hopes of the Borussen coach just to make the immensely difficult start of the Fair, which is at home against Munster and then eat immediately with two top teams get to do, while Borussia Dortmund with the duty to rear Kleve begins.

Neither the stock nor the achievements gave rise to pessimism. "We had very much to improvise, so, Patrick Njambe, Marcel Schmelzer and Bajram Sadrijaj over long distances noted Scheduled performers replace. Nevertheless, we are only three meters behind our march table - and the trend over the last few weeks was, apart from 0:2 in Mainz, positive. We are still in the spring of growth, not so many points, and also leave no 30 Goals more money. "

How well the game worked attack (Borussia provides the gates with 42 taken in the first attack of the league), the defensive behavior in many games was the major shortcoming.

Tyrala makes a

huge leap

With the return of Daniel Gordon in the interior defense and the change from Julian Cook on the right external position is hoping that the coach, but greater stability. It also implies that Marcel Schmelzer on the left side again regular than previously available - what would be important after Jörn Neumeister after his knee operation fails for months. Finally, the comeback of Marcel Höttecke in sight. "We are pleased with Luke Kruse," says Schneider, "but Marcel had last year played an outstanding season, is in the 3rd 17-time league without a goal remained. From his return, we should expect a lot. "

Among the top players of Hinrunde include the newbies. Damir Vrancic, on "Six" efficient "Abräumer" before the defense and at the same time prudent Spieleröffner and striker Christopher Kullmann played at almost constant high level. Both are successful Borussias Goalscorers (Kullmann 10, Vrancic 7), and underscored its value as a preparer. A giant set forward Sebastian Tyrala made of him after a largely verkorksten 2007/08 his place in midfield master by using high regelrecht has won.

Schneiders desire of the year: that his own team, but also the professional department in the return series of injury worries spared remains: "Reinforcements will not be possible. But if we continue with our staff can work for us, I see very good chances in the end very top. "

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