Monday, 8 December 2008

Tyrala admits his worries about the culture shocks

Sebastian Tyrala has admitted that before his first training camp with the Polish national team, he has some small issues that he is concerned very much about. One of which is getting used to the "new culture" which he knows will meet among his Polish teammates, but he is still very much more excited then worried.

Different culture
Tyrala, who had made his way to the Polish B-team training camp in Turkey this December has no regrets about choosing Poland over his native Germany. The midfielder who had been born and raised in Germany is currently playing for the Borussia Dortmund reserves in the German Fourth division, but expects to go on loan to Polish side Arka Gydnia in the winter transfer window. Just days before the first Polish B-team fixture in Turkey, Sebastian Tyrala is feeling a bit home sick, but agrees that it must be because he's not exactly used to the "Polish way of life" yet.

'Joy greater then fear'
"I'm a little bit worried, I don't know anyone on the team, and for sure I'll have to deal with a different culture then the one I am used to." says the 20-year-old Tyrala, who is soon expected for training camp in Turkey. "At home, my parents tried their very best to raise me in a Polish fashion, we even celebrated all the holidays the old Polish way, but yet I still feel so very foreign among my Polish teammates. But of course, the joy to represent Poland is far greater then fear. I can't wait to meet my new friends on the national team, most especially I want to meet the great (Leo) Beenhakker. I've read and heard so much about it, so it will be a real treat to meet him in person, and thank goodness I won't have any trouble communicating with him, as he speaks very good German."

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