Monday, 24 November 2008

Schneider's team falls further behind

Ironically against Borussia Dortmund Eintracht Trier celebrated the first home victory this season Regionalliga - without being committed to the ex-Borussen Sahr Senesi, whose play is not time before kick-off had arrived.

After the 1:2 (0:1)-Moselle defeat in the stadium increased the residue of the former table leader on the current front-runner Kaiserslautern on seven points. That his boys again delivers a good game, visually over long distances had clear advantages in the second half virtually only on a gate and the defense played the square in men repeatedly brought embarrassment, for Theo Schneider was no consolation: "We have here a huge effort and have not been rewarded again. "Surely, the black and yellow in some situations, including bad luck, but above all they lack before the opposing goal once more the necessary cleverness. Schneider: "If you have so many clear chances searched, you may simply can not lose."

The game began very badly for the Borussen, which came early in residue (Schulz 12), with a batten header from Lacroix almost 0:2 collects had (22) and Damir Vrancic shortly afterwards with a deep laceration on the Eyebrow lost. But all of this did not discourage participated in the series decided the booklet in hand and would break even before the balance can be achieved. The opportunity had top professional loan Bajram Sadrijaj on the foot as he moved to pass by Nico Hillenbrand Eintracht-Schneider plays around goalkeeper had, but the finished piece of art brought to hasten back anzuschießen shepherd and released before the gate apparently safe 1:1 awarded (30).

Immediately after re-start of the next shock, as Risser after a corner after the set 2-0 (48). With its seventh Saisontor shortened Christopher Kullmann, with Sebastian Tyrala and Nico Hillenbrand best Borusse to 1:2 (60.), five minutes later, Hillenbrand hit the post - but despite pressing superiority and further opportunities to the compensation does not fall. Instead, there's still the yellow / red card for Öztekin Yasin, in the post-season twice, and thus meckerte on Saturday in the home game against Cloppenburg must pause. (U. St.)

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, large Kreutz, Koch (83. Boztepe), Neumeister - Hille (71. Ginczek), Vrancic (24 Gordon), Tyrala, Öztekin - Sadrijaj, Kullmann. - Tore: 1:0 Schulz (12), 2:0 Risser (48), 2:1 Kullmann (60.).


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