Wednesday, 26 November 2008

3 : 0 Erfolg über Schlusslicht BV Cloppenburg

Duty: With no stage threatened to 3:0 (1:0)-final success over light BV Cloppenburg improved Borussias excellent reception yesterday evening Regionalliga-team table to fourth place, but still impressive seven points behind front-runner Kaiserslautern. Man of the evening was Chistopher Kullmann, with its twin pack (2nd, 52nd) for the early decision caused. The victory had only one flaw: He would have much greater need. "We could have been before the break can make everything clear," also criticized coach Theo Schneider, but otherwise the speech with his team was largely satisfied: "It was not a high quality game, but we are very aggressive occurred, have the opponent under Pressure, the two battles won and implemented so that what we had previously made. "

Foul by meets Vrancic Penalty

The 581 spectators were in the red earth come to gates to see their team. Actually started the game promising, as the Borussia equal with his first chance in management went: After a fine pass from Damir Vrancic Christopher Kullman marked his eighth season hits. Sagittarius as preparation once belonged to the highest Borussen. Even Marc Kruska, who together with Vrancic on the double-Six game at the building tried and Sebastian Tyrala in offensive midfield gave a good performance. The other guest players from the professional department acted While engaged, but continued - as Bajram Sadrijaj and Giovanni Federico - not the big accents.

Despite the fact too narrow lead had never been to break the feeling that the game would tilt can. This was harmless to the guests in the offensive, sometimes almost fearful, and only in the final phase, as the concentration at Borussia receded a bit, then got up a little safe defense work.

Given the significant balance of power in favor of the hosts was clear that a second hit, the decision would mean. Shortly after re-start then that's as far as Kullmann after pass of Gordon and a fine solo hit after his second set. The rest worried Vrancic (73.) via penalty after foul on Hünemeier. Shortly before had only the third meeting Kullmann posts prevented.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Gordon, Hünemeier, Schmelzer - Kruska, Vrancic - Sadrijaj (71. Oscislawski), Tyrala (77. Piossek), Federico - Kullmann (84. Lorenz). - Tore: 1:0 Kullman (9), 2-0 Kullmann (52.), 3:0 Vrancic (73., foul penalty).


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