Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Derby little suspense

When Borussia 2 played against VfL Bochum 2 in Wattenscheid (15.00 o'clock) , runs the ASC 09 to FC Recklinghausen (14.30 o'clock).

As both teams in nearly Best muster occupation, the prospects of success of the Regionalligisten or Westfanligisten also not bad.

After the 1-2 home defeat against the reserve of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern are Borussen again mächig under pressure. "We expect to VfL Bochum another aufspielenden aggressive opponents," said coach Theo Schneider before the match in Lohrheidestadion.

Whether in Wattenscheid back a player from the senior squad will participate, will decide the chief coach Juergen Klopp today Saturday. Delron Buckley is again a candidate. After a five-injury break has now returned Jörn Neumeister. The 21-year-old has his toe injury auskuriert. An application from the beginning for him, however, seems still too early to comment.

By blocking by Daniel Gordon is Marcel large Kreutz again his position as interior spaces and defenders in defensive midfield play.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse; Hillenbrand, Hünemeier, cooking, Oscislawski (Buckley, Neumeister); large Kreutz, Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin; Kullmann, Hille.

The gloomy autumn weather does not currently fit the general mood at the 09th ASC After two last but not least, playfully convincing performance reigns at Dortmund Westfalenligisten vain sunshine.

"We want to continue the connection to hold table top, and finally we do not want to play a Golden Pineapples," said coach Hannes Wolf players before the match at FC Recklinghausen. The tomorrow of Aplerbeck opponents among the top addresses of the league. But the guests do after their victories against Weisstal swords and not to hide. Wolf's optimism is nurtured also from the fact that with Giovanni Schiattarella, Mohamed Lmcademali and Dominik Buchwald three performance carrier after injury breaks back to the old form place. Next must renounce the ASC on all-rounder Rafik Halim, which is still in the honeymoon is located.

ASC: Piontek, Neef, Buchwald, Hense, M. Mihajlovic, Woidtke, Schiattarella, Lmcademali, Nolte, Moreira, Wolf.


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