Sunday, 9 November 2008

3:1 against Cologne: Borussia Dortmund 2 logs in the title fight back

The players of the evening were called Christopher Kullmann the game with a double-header in the 40th and 49th Minute shot, Damir Vrancic, which hit number one and three with maßgenauen Clear clashes prepared, and Jörn Neumeister (picture above) with 2:1 and preparing for his first hit after a long injury break (53.) to 3:1. Vrancic had its strong performance can still round when he caused to Daniel Ginczek foul penalty and not in Cologne next to the gate would have shot (75.).

They had the game for the Borussen, where Mikhail Alecsandrov surprisingly celebrated his championship debut, and to the professionals aufgestiegene Marcel Schmelzer after his Muskelfaserriss a short deployment came very bad start. Cologne laid off as firefighters stood safely in the cover, quickly switched to offensive around, Borussia took the two-, three arge embarrassment and consequently went through Marius Laux with 1:0 in the lead (13th). But after 20 minutes of Borussia Dortmund got the game under control, although primarily Vrancic and Damir Sebastian Tyrala to build a constructive attempt.

Even the 1:1 to break the Borussen had fairly earned. With the double blow shortly after the re-start, they paved the way to victory. With the 3:1-lead in the back of the room focused Gentlemen successfully to the lot to control.

"After a difficult start, we have increased enormously, belligerent and convinced deserves won" said coach Theo Schneider.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand (46. Ginczek), kitchen, large Kreutz, Neumeister - Alecsandrov (84. Schmelzer), Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin (89. Boztepe). Hille, Kullmann. - Tore: 0:1 Laux (13), 1:1 Kullmann (40), 2:1 Kullmann (49.), 3:1 Neumeister (53.) Neumeister.


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