Monday, 24 November 2008

Pressure situation overcome

"It has everything fit," rejoiced Theo Schneider after the 3-1 success against top on Friday 1st FC Cologne 2, with which Borussias Regionalliga team in the title battle has returned (as reported).

The coach was a high risk received when he was with Mikhail Alecsandrov and - after the break - Daniel Ginczek two young boys brought that nobody had on the bill. Alecsandrov was so far all case in Test matches, have been used and did his thing in the right midfield properly. Ginczek, young vintage from the A-youth, had hitherto been no contact with the amateurs, proved with his youthful Unbekümmerheit but equally as invigorating element in the offensive, as he Nico Hillenbrand (shoulder injury) came into the game. "He may come back," Schneider has certified his courageous performance. Ginczek is at least as long as an alternative to the bottleneck in the attack has ceased.

As for the two debutants is equally true also for the rest of the result of the staffing problems rather zusammengewürfelten team: it was the pressure situation, this game in no case be allowed to lose, fine finish, offered a belligerent and sometimes strong even playful good idea, which, unlike against Lautern and in Bochum, this also brought deserved reward.

In addition to the once convincing Damir Vrancic and Christopher Kullmann also gathered Sebastian Tyrala plus points. Schneider: "He has perhaps his best season game." Since it could be close to last only rarely convincing Daniel Gordon, after the expiration of its lock on Saturday in Trier, also is available again as Uwe Hünemeier.


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