Sunday, 30 November 2008

3: 0 against BV Cloppenburg

As the Borussia delegation yesterday in the early afternoon set in motion, a man sat on the bus, which in the past few months only as a functionary rather than as a player himself made.

Lars Ricken, energetic young coordinator in the black and yellow, has no soccer shoes to nail hanged.

In Regionalliga game on Saturday (14.00 clock) at Wormatia Worn celebrating the ex-national players his comeback on the green lawn. After a long injury break, the 32-year-old at the start of the game, however, still sit on the bench. "He is now, but again the extent that he can help us," Theo Schneider expects that Ricken, if necessary, will be able to get the game in order to steer or to calm down. "Above all," as the coach says, "if there is a lot to be close."

And so it is reasonable to expect. The success of safe 3:0-final on Wednesday against BV Cloppenburg light was no more than a mandatory victory. To even the current hurdle, you must have the Borussen certainly still a Schüpp it lay. While the Lower than the previously weakest opponents of the BVB in the Red Earth presented, is the Wormatia currently in the ascendant. After a bad season start, the team of Bernd TRAR caught, won four of its last six games (three of them abroad) - and each other without results. With the 2:0 in the previous week in Oggersheim and jump to rank 15, the first Worms leave the relegation ranks.

Theo Schneider has agreed to set an opponent to be taken by the recent success in significantly gained self-confidence is likely to have: "With all due respect, we must from the outset show that the place we want to leave as the winner." After the mountain - And plummeting in recent weeks in which the Borussen generally played well, but many points are unnecessarily could be another triple ago, in order to fight the rise of no more ground to lose. The trainer says it unequivocally: "We want to create the basis for an absolute Topspiel on Saturday next week at home against Munster."

As expected, the Startelf change again today. One day before the Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg are Marcel Schmelzer and Giovanni Federico not available. A little Schneider yesterday still hoped to Marc Kruska, the short term, according to Worms would stay. Would like the coach for the national U-21 players to change the definition.

After the guest of Marcel Schmelzer now enjoys the confidence Jörn Neumeister Theo Schneider on the left defensive position. Even Sebastian Hille, against Argentina because of the age clause had to watch, may, at a place in the Startelf hope. Julian Koch, of intervening in the ausgeholfen A youth had returned to the game in Worms in the Regionalliga squad back.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Gordon (Koch), Hünemeier, Neumeister - Hille, Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin - Sadrijaj, Kullmann.


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