Tuesday, 30 September 2008

this is how i become professional football

To football or more exactly, to my first football club, I came through (from) my father. When I was five years old, he drove with me to the sports field of my hometown club BV Bad Sassendorf village and shortly after there I was announced. So far I have only with the BV Bad Sassendorf village, there was I active for so long, until I changed directly to Borussia Dortmund.

When I look back and think about it, which in my past my football career was special, a youth tournament happened to me in front of approximately 3000 spectators (audience). The choice of the best player as well as the choice of the best goal scorer met in both cases to me. It remains naturally in the memories. Also I will not forget my time in the youth national team so fast probably. We came much and I had the chance to participate in some foreign tournaments. We were allowed to play for example in France and Italy.

In order to become professional in football, one needs a little bit of everything. Apart from talent and luck, one also needs a due portion ambition. However if one goes daily or so often to play football, one can achieve his goal. I had a great that my parents supported me in such a way.They always confessed behind me and helped to bring the sport and the school under a hat. Due to the daily training, I had naturally very little spare time. To the school it always went directly to the football field, afterwards lined up then still the homework. That was something real hard.

To become professional in football is always my dream. I am really glad that it folded here ago until so well. . Naturally I wish to remain healthy for the future. That is particularly important for a soccer player. In addition I would like to get a master place with the BVB. For this goal I will have to work still hard. If it had not become with the sport anything (means if he's not a footballer now), I would have made training the industrial trader. This range is appropriate for me much, because I made my specialized Abitur within the range of the management economics.

*Kids Club questionnaire Sebastian Tyrala

Who is your role model?
Thomas Rosicky. Unfortunately, he no longer plays at Borussia Dortmund.

What is eating you prefer?
I am particularly happy to eat pizza and spaghetti. I like fish do not like.

What was your favorite children's film?
I've always

What was your favorite radio play?
I have never heard any radio plays.

What is your favorite movie?
I think a lot of good movies. I prefer

What was your favorite children's book?
I had no favorite children's book.

What music do you prefer?
I prefer to hear Xavier Naidoo.

What you had specialized in school prefer?
Sports and math I was always very great.

What hobbies do you have?
I like to go to the movies and surf the Internet.

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