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Goalgate Interview with Sebastian Tyrala

Through interviews in Polish language, you have already demonstrated that you have mastered the language. Poland still visit you? How did you also connected with Poland?

Sebastian Tyrala (Borussia Dortmund): My whole family still live in Poland. My grandmother, my grandfather ... more than half of our relatives. As often as I can, I still go to Poland, although not regularly, but at least once a year. It is difficult because of the training and related obligations, but obviously I want all the people as often as I can see again.

And what do you particularly in Poland?
- The city I come from, Ratibor, is a beautiful city. I was already in Warsaw, also a very beautiful city. There is always more, sooner, it was not so, there will always be beautiful in Poland. With the people in Poland I always very good and clear by the fact that I was born there, I have also a special bond.

So it is virtually even your home ...
- ... I am relatively early with two years ago came to Germany, but it was always there and feel myself as well ... well

... One feels here and there at home ...
- ... Exactly. I would not now say, 'This is my first home and this is my second home.. " I grew up in Germany, born in Poland and over again with my family in Ratibor. I feel in both countries very well.

You have 37 features for German youth selections deny how did it happen that you yourself will still have opted for Poland to play?
- I would also like to know from the outset played for Poland. There was now a little bit late to ethics. Why exactly, I do not know. If it is already in the U16 would have been, I would have perhaps already played. Only then was it that in this period only interest came from the DFB. For me personally it was important to include in a national team experience. National players to be is always a great honor. At the time, but came no interest from Polish side. Now I have the chance and I will try to enforce, especially for my grandfather, who is happy about huge, but also easy for me. My parents speak Polish at home daily. We "live" virtually Polish at home.

As the press was found, you have all of the Polish nationality necessary documents submitted.
- Exactly, we had recently with my parents in Cologne and have everything done. In the next few weeks, then everything would happen for me. I'm excited and hope it goes "quickly sugar".

This would you also play right now. It lacks only the appeal.
- Yes, I hope that I will soon be invited to U21, easy to get people to learn and to show what I can. Here I play at the moment still in the amateurs, but there you will see what the situation is. Either can I's or I can not. You have to try and prove itself. I would be delighted if any, if I would get an invitation and would be the first to fly to Poland, because in order to play football.

What you say in retrospect to "Kadra"? The qualification was again strong, you Senior group has become Portugal and before she could even beat one time. How have you seen the European Championship?
- The qualification was overwhelming, so we are also a lot of hopes at the European Championships. I said that Poland's far. Others have said "That you can forget for the group." I said 'Let us wait .... " Then came the first game, which of course was disappointing. Previously, we hope his bets and afterwards there is then a 2:0. It is quite a pity, especially because many of the new coach Leo Beenhakker as many have hoped that perhaps now trying the quarter-finals or maybe even the semifinals in it. So it is in the preliminary round eliminated without a really good game to have shown. It was not a great EM.

Some polnischstämmige talent to play abroad, not only in Germany. But e.g. Borussia Dortmund has to be with Dawid Blacha a Polish national youth players. Are you think that those players who are educated abroad and later a powerful axis in the "Kadra" can form? Is this the model of the future?
- You must see that the foreign leagues are probably slightly stronger than the Polish. But I think that even in the Polish league somewhat slowly developed. Two or three good teams play well in Poland, only the internationally have something successful, which is good for the league would be. Sun would then also young talents from Poland the opportunity to present to foreign clubs.

Maybe just play some of these players at Euro 2012 in their own country. What are your personal thoughts, if you have the keyword "EM 2012" hear?
- Until then, there are still four years, then I will be 24 of his. Since we obviously hopes so far to be that we at the European Championships is. But as I said, there are still four years by then and a further step. But I think if you slowly ran on the matter and is also in good performances of the season brings, it can happen. I would be very pleased of course, it is clear who would not know who will not reach the goal? But I must first of the club and then in the youth team show good performances and then perhaps in a friendly game of the A-team when the fold should be. There are still just four years, and until then so much can still happen. But, of course, I also have the goal just in EM to play, especially in their own country. That must always be the goal.

Yes it's yet to thee the spectators in the Ekstraklasa present. Lukas Podolski was recently at Górnik Zabrze as a guest and he announced that he end his career happy times for Górnik would play. Maybe you have a favorite club for you - if it is - would play?
- So last year I had a little contact with Legia Warsaw, when the folded had I would have gone out there, too, is the only exchange not to have ethics. I would not mind if you e.g. A year or in the Polish league play and experience accumulates. A favorite team now so I have not, but if there is contact with professional, you can always talk about it. I would also like to Legia gone, but it just has not worked.

My next question would have been, how are you last year at the game against Legia Warsaw has fallen.
- There has been great to me like we were all nice and it has received in any event fun.

You play now at the amateurs of Borussia Dortmund, did last year under Doll a few operations for the professionals had. What is now your next goal on the way up?
- First, I want to stay healthy every case. Last year it was already so that I am really a year without problems could play, before I was almost a year injured. Then I will of course make the step next year in the second or maybe even first division to play. It is important to me now to further develop, to remain stable and that next year I might change the club or here to create breakthrough. I hope that I am already with 21, 22 somewhere above may fix, which is also very important for this age.

That's almost, we now even to the last question on the situation of Polish football. Poland is in the UEFA five-year ranking currently ranked 31, behind countries such as Cyprus, Lithuania and Latvia. In the last major tournaments is the national team eliminated in the preliminaries. What is your opinion? Polish football is in crisis, everything is just a bad deal, maybe you need a revolution in PZPN?
- I do believe that much talk is also bad. We would countries such as Lithuania or Latvia in direct clash beat, or so I assume. One need only look at the European Championship qualification to watch, we were not in vain First Group. If you then play a European Championship, which was not good, does not mean that we can not play football. Ultimately, this Fümf-year scoring only one scoring. Eleven against eleven on the pitch we would some of the countries ahead of us propose, just puts it thus in such a ranking is not available, as are other factors at play. For comparison with other national teams this ranking has no explanatory power.

Thank you that you have the time for the interview have made! On behalf of goalgate.de I wish you an injury-free career and achieving your sporting goals!
- Thank you, no problem!


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