Saturday, 27 September 2008

2:1 in Oggersheim - Borussia 2 returns to the table top back

It was a bottom line absolutely deserved victory for the black and yellow, which also would have been higher, if not even need. But they missed it, in the southwest stadium early for clear conditions should be ensured. Denis minute shot Omerbegovic a hand so weak penalty kick that goalkeeper Kevin FSV-Knödler no effort had to parry the ball. Es war die beste einer Reihe hochkarätiger Möglichkeiten - ein Fehlschuss allerdings ohne Folgen. It was the best of a series of high-quality options - a miss but without consequences.

Borussia certain of what happened before the break clearly, was also awarded the penalty does not irritate and presented by double blow in the middle of the first half laid the foundations for victory. It was the evening of inflows: Firstly was Damir Vrancic after a Eckball by Sebastian Tyrala per head to the body (26) before Christopher Kullmann after a lightning-fast forward through four stations counterrevolution was successful (29). "We have a sensational first half hour lying," Theo Schneider almost brought into raptures, "a 4:0 or 5:0, there have been possible." And yet it remained until the final whistle a "tight" game, after Camilo Dos Santos after a long throw by Jens Leith man surprisingly shortened (37.).

The BVB was in this fast-paced encounter even after re-start the fußballerisch better team with Goal chances larger number of good, but no longer linked to the gala appearance of the first 30 minutes and was also a numerical majority (Hajri saw yellow after 54 minutes / Red) is not decisive advantage. A minute later the game was for Delron Buckley quits. The pro played in his first assignment after his injury break with a well-made little mistakes. "He has played very committed and well inserted," Schneider showed satisfied.

Other admittedly, the larger accents. Yasin Öztekin for example, the many good scenes in the offensive and had a counter two minutes before closing the poles met. Sebastian Tyrala or with a courageous performance in the midfield, where Damir Vrancic again as usual convinced. Above all, however, rejoiced Theo Schneider closed on the team performance. As Oggersheim from the middle of the second half, even in lower paying tried, the game is still a turn to give the guests also heeded combative virtues and in his own penalty area could hardly something burning.

Uwe Hünemeier captain had to call for the pros ready, because behind the deployment of Robert Kovac against VfB Stuttgart is a question mark. The captain was allowed a maximum of 45 minutes in the regional team play. That is why Marcel was in the large Kreutz Startelf preference. He also made his case well.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hille, large Kreutz (88. Oscislawski), Koch, Hillenbrand - Öztekin, Vrancic, Tyrala (70. Hünemeier), Buckley (55. Gordon) - Omerbegovic, Kullmann. - Goals: 0:1 Vrancic (26), 0:2 Kullmann (29), 1:2 Dos Santos (37.).

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