Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New Beginning, the hope matters

Four goals in a championship game - it's for regional league team in the whole of last season only once.

4:1 (2:0) against the second formation of Mainz 05, to a far more convincing performance - that was more than anyone on such an early stage could expect. Although all did a little difficult, so the result correctly. The guests could advance the laurels never to confirm remained in their regional league debut guilty even so much that their coach Peter Neustädter claimed: "The Borussia Dortmund has given us a lesson granted."

Schneider heard Theo's not without pride, presented his boys after an intense preparation with a steady forward development but to the point exactly fit. The opposite of last season significantly higher number of Offensivaktionen was good, even more than the yield hit itself, the most positive aspect of this game.

With only half a consistent chance of recovery would Borussia very loose half a dozen full and this first match as table leaders conclude. Vornehmlich Sebastian Hille had several times the possibility for man of the day to advance. "It certainly came at a post and one batten hit a bit of luck added," Theo Schneider tried a little perspective, "but two goals but at least he would have to do ..."

So once again stole the incredibly industrious Hille some others to review. Christopher Kullmann, for example, requires far fewer opportunities than the former Bochum and equal in his first Scoring was successful (42). To the newcomer broke the spell from Magdeburg. The court against the men were remarkably restrained acting Mainz from the beginning, the booklet safely in hand, played in midfield consistent Pressing and preserved the peace and quiet, as with the leadership still fails wanted. Then they suddenly an efficiency rarely seen follow: 1:0 to Kullmanns met David Vrzogic (44th) and Uwe Hünemeier (46) to 3:0 - the game was gone.

Even if the level does not yet have the full distance and could be kept to one or other of negligence promptly with a Gegentor (56th) which was threatened was never the victory. Even the 4:1, Daniel Gordon to the corner by David Vrzogic in the post-season marked, was equal to the difference in performance of both teams. Gordon rewarded with his Kopfballtor itself: he had a strong game offered was Damir Vrancic as "Double Six" even something like the heart of the Borussen game.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Koch, Hünemeier, Vrzogic - Hille (89th Oscislawski), Gordon, Vrancic, Öztekin - Kullmann (84th Großkreutz), Tyrala (68th Omerbegovic). -- Tore: 1:0 Kullmann (42); 2:0 Öztekin (44th); 3:0 Hünemeier (46); 3:1 New Town (56th); 4:1 Gordon (90th 1).

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