Monday, 2 March 2009

"Haben jetzt alles selbst in der Hand"

Daniel Ginczek recorded Rheydt border-gate of the stadium that day, his colleague John Foch gave a great response at the end the victory firmly. Two A-juniors as a forerunner of success, the BVB 2 in the title fight bright prospects.

"Now we have everything in our hands," Damir Vrancic brought the events of this second early-round match at the point. After their victory over the Rhine and the Borussia 0:3-defeat by Kaiserslautern in Essen Borussia reduced the arrears to the top within a week from eight to only three counters.

It was a remarkable step towards the big goal. Borussia Dortmund Because all human problems, despite their greatest strength in the equation presented as a great collective functioning occurred and thus to one of the best games of the league counterparty decisive advantage.

"We are holding a real team where everyone works for the other", said Theo Schneider about the courageous performance of his boys, with their crews of unity and the failure of the professionals because of Uwe Hünemeier, Yasin Öztekin and Christopher Kullmann compensated .

From the first minute, it was evident that the BVB wanted to take the points. Disciplined in the defensive area, this well organized in midfield, was the Gladbacher little room left to develop, but precise, fast and straight forward way of progress. Damir Vrancic, but short of the green light for use in the "amateurs" who had received harmonizes well with the also re-convincing Marcus Piossek as "double-six" and opened the game wisely. Sebastian Tyrala, like many ball contacts and had to almost all attacks, has earned a hard card, Daniel Ginczek finally helped a single peak even in his own penalty area and was always at the forefront anspielbar until he had violated the square.

The chance of recovery, especially in the first half hour, was the only point of criticism of a game that is otherwise little reason to complain bot. Before Ginczek by Piossek excellent scene in which 1:0 achieved (29), there would have been long in the gate of the men must take place - alone Nico Hillenbrand, the free standing a short distance from the crossbar hit (15) and after an accident defense against Gladbach keeper Frederic Löhe the ball over the empty goal shot (26), had two great opportunities to do so.

So did the guests, the two startle seconds in the final stage can save. How shaky at this result was scarce, was hit by the latte Gladbach Stephan Wanneck (78) and a little later, as John Foch a header by Lars Schuchardt just turned around the post (82.). It would be annoying would have the BVB after this performance, two points are left ...

Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch - Hillenbrand, Koch, Gordon, Hille (90. Boztepe) - Omerbegovic (84. large Kreutz), Vrancic, Piossek, Oscislawski - Tyrala - Ginczek (55. Schneider). - Tor: 0:1 Ginczek (29).

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