Saturday, 21 February 2009

Eintracht Frankfurt played against Borussia Dortmund II

In the very short notice dress rehearsal against the second representation of Eintracht Frankfurt was not only the result (of the BVB won by a late goal by Yasin Öztekin with 1:0), but over long distances also the performance.

"A really good test," reported Theo Schneider satisfied. The BVB had with the Leaders of the Regionalliga Süd tempo just as rich as it is technically necessary and respectable duel after a balanced first half earned enforced. After the break, drew up the Borussia significant optical advantages and had a clear chance Plus. Given hochkätiger ways, including by Christopher Kullmann, Sebastian Tyrala and Uwe Hünemeier, it would not have until the 86th Minute must, before Öztekin after a prolonged Hünemeier Vrancic corner the gate of the day marked.

Except for ordinary goalkeeper Marcel Schneider Höttecke had in the last game of the preparation of its first full squad together. The focus of course, especially the players from the advanced professional cadres. Nearly all presented in an appealing Constitution: Marcel Schmelzer for instance, after the red card by Lee for the Friday game at Schalke and is set on the left outside position normally operated safely, but also Christopher Kullmann and Yasin Öztekin who run a high workload and delivers only in the financial statements a little more consistency would have shown. Solid again captain Uwe Hünemeier in the interior defense. Damir Vrancic, before the break in a more aggressive role as usual, there was only more efficient, as he later on his six-incumbent position changed.

In this second half Schneider tried other versions of: Sebastian Hille for Marcel Schmelzer on links, Julian Cook on Saturday for the yellow-locked Daniel Gordon in the defensive center. Both worked so well that the coach has already laid down: "So we will play against Cleves."

Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch (46. Beer) - Koch, Gordon (46. Omerbegovic) Hünemeier, Schmelzer (46. Hille) - Piossek (75. large Kreutz), Hillenbrand - Tyrala, Vrancic, Öztekin - Kullmann. - Tor: 1:0 Öztekin (86th).


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