Sunday, 29 March 2009

BVB II - SC Verl

The regional team of BVB 09 bears sometimes after four impressive wins in succession in the jubilee year, a white vest. That is according to the desire of coach Theo Schneider, even after the home game on Saturday against SC Verl (14 clock, Stadium Red Earth) so.

Verl games against the BVB were almost always something special. "In the first leg, we have the 3:3 away victory, since there are still some remedy, even if we have a bad about playing opponents expect," said the Borussen trainer.

Would be happy to tailor those Elf in the second home game in a row of proposed, in the 7:0 win against Oggersheim about 60 minutes to convince knew. Work but not because defender Marcel Schmelzer short for the U 21 has been nachnominiert. And the gate is re-Keeper John Young Foch for the last Sunday barely requested professional husband Marc Ziegler final stand. Foch during his break has a shoulder injury auskurieren can.

Schneider stood yesterday at the conclusion of his training (almost) full team available. The reservists from the Regionalliga team then traveled with the pros for their friendly match at Oberligisten Eintracht Nordhorn. Daheim remained Sebastian Hille and Marcus Piossek who hopes may now for new smelters in the initial formation to stand. Given his great versatility include defensive player Julian Cook has become one of the essential variables in the Regionalliga team. The 18-year-old shone last Sunday on the right defensive side, having previously been on the left side of the four-chain and before that in the interior defense had played.

"Of course the team after recent successes have become self-confident," said Theo Schneider, "but we must also guard against Verl at a set defensive opponents adjust their defenses, we vigorously and with much patience must crack."

Borussias hopes rest on Christopher Kullmann, with its current 15 gates for the regional team is a real piece of gold has become.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch, Hillenbrand, Hünemeier, Gordon, Koch; Vrancic, Piossek (Hille), Tyrala, Öztekin; Ginczek, Kullmann.

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