Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tyrala Scored a Goal against CF Denia

Successful completion of the training camp in Olivia Nova: On the day before departure celebrated Borussias Regionalliga team a 6:1 (4:1)-success over the Spanish Drittligisten CF Denia.

However, the significant result is relative, because the opponent was not his first set on the field. However, it was satisfied Theo Schneider: "Without overestimate the lot, we have to run the ball well, played aggressively and a high gear." So Borussen the shot before the break, a 4:1-lead out before the eingewechselte Raphael Lorenz in the second round after a double-pack set. Also twice met Marco Schneider, the trainer in the center of an ordinary attack power attested: "These two goals were very important for him."

Today it is for the delegation BVB: Pack your bags. After a recent run unit's home, where they are totally different climatic conditions than expected in the Mediterranean. Even given the best possible framework Theo Schneider drew a positive conclusion of the Spain-residence: "We were seven days in a targeted and intensive work. The guys have great mitgezogen and all are fit."

Plus points collected mainly Daniel Gordon, located in the interior defense has established Nico Hillenbrand and Marcus Piossek as alternatives to the six-position, and Sebastian Tyrala the offensive in his good form from the Hinrunde in Nova Olivia confirmed. Schneider: "He has played for months at a constant high level." (U. St.) BVB 2: Beer (46 Foch) - Koch, large Kreutz, Gordon, Hille - Ricken (55. Oscislawski), Hillenbrand, Piossek, Kandziora (46. Omerbegovic) - Tyrala (70. Alecsandrov), Schneider (70 Lorenz). - Tore: 1:0 Tyrala (5), 1:1 (12), 2:1 Schneider (14), 3:1 Ricken (foul penalty, 31); 4:1 Schneider (43), 5 : 1 Lorenz (75), 6:1 Lorenz (88.).


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