Sunday, 17 May 2009

Without Tyrala

This is called a healthy self-esteem. If the BVB 2 Today (14 clock, Franz-Kremer-Stadion) the next top game of football at the 1st Regionalliga West FC Cologne 2 compete, then Borussen coach Theo Schneider's claims do not under a bushel.

"Of course we want to win," said Schneider, however, also knows that a defeat in Cologne, everything is open again in the ascent struggle. The Rhinelander, Schneider himself appointed to the closest pursuer, would then be up to four points up on the BVB.

But it wants to Schneider did not even think about, especially since he is well staffed. Although lacking in Cologne Sebastian Tyrala (fifth yellow card in Bochum), but this puts Marcel Kreutz back into the big team. He had his yellow lock will be dismounted and together with Daniel Gordon reinforce the defense. "This gives security, both come together to cope well, have four times before Marcel lock successfully played together," Schneider was pleased.

The other good news comes from Cologne. Here is the most dangerous striker in Rhinelanders not be there. Moritz Hartmann von Christoph Daum was the appointed professionals.

On the other hand, Theo Schneider - as expected - to Uwe Hühnemeier refrain from BVB head coach Jürgen Klopp for today's match against Karlsruhe was requested.

Otherwise, both teams seem to be only in minor details to be distinguished. "Cologne is very disciplined, compact in defense, always with the same formation. They are certainly self-confidence bursting, "says Schneider about the opponents, whose statistics is extremely impressive: For 15 games in a row is not lost, six consecutive victories achieved in nine of eleven games without conceding Rückrunde remained.

Meanwhile, coach Frank Schaefer speaks with the same respect from BVB like Theo Schneider on 1 FC Cologne.

"The Borussia is the top team in the league, with 68 gates has by far the most hits, has a high number of non-league experience to the part even with Schmelzer and Kullmann experienced Premiership players," said Schaefer

A small difference, there's still, at least, believes Theo Schneider. "We are not under the tight spot, but already Cologne. Let's see how the Cologne deal with this pressure.

This is the first time that 1 FC what has to lose, "Schneider hopes to provide a degree of nervousness at the opponent. Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch - cooking, large Kreutz, Gordon, Schmelzer - Hille, Vrancic, Hillenbrand, Öztekin - Ginczek, Kullmann


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