Sunday, 17 May 2009

Borussen encounter the 3rd gate League very much on

As a referee Benjamin Cortus to 15:54 clock the lot in Pirmasens Husterhöhe Played stadium, there was on the lawn and in the bank no longer hold.

With the deserved 2:0 (0:0)-success in the summit in the secondary formation of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern has Borussias Regionalliga team the gate on the 3rd League wholly set off.

Within six minutes had Ginczek Daniel (57th) and Christopher Kullmann (63.) the superiority of the gates converted in Dortmunder, and thus for the decision provided.

The early space decimated Men - Midfielder Torsten Reuter saw in the 18th Minutes due to repeated foul play yellow / red - were not subsequently returned to the game and the BVB, until the final whistle confirmed in the style of a top team acted, had no trouble, the victory to go home.

"Everything speaks for us now," beamed Theo Schneider, after his boys the lead on the worst persecutors of five points were expanded. Not the victory alone, but the way in which the "triple" that has been run, suggesting a great season finale hope. Surely they have done even better games, but it was far from a sovereign, and especially tactically astute performance by Dortmund, their numerical superiority before the break and straight into a powerful offensive game used without the compact in the defense and always lurking Konter hosts a surprise for you. After re-start was also added cleverness than Ginczek (after fine edge by Nico Hillenbrand) and Kullmann (after a great combination on Sebastian Tyrala and Yasin Öztekin) hits her with the foundation laid for victory.

Damir Vrancic After a recent test the green light for a signal-based deployment, Schneider had a whole new tactical variant set: Nico Hillenbrand took the position before the defense, Vrancic previously played together with Sebastian Tyrala and Yasin Öztekin on a line. The move brought the desired effect, the BVB presented himself as a prima-functioning collective. Because even in the defensive work was concentrated, burned "backwards" nothing. In addition, the peak effective support. Both would be more than just a hit, but Ginczek met before the break the pole (24) and failed Kullmann, very uncharacteristic for him, a short distance from the empty goal - that would be the bag in the 70th Final minutes to have.

The top grade earned this large Marcel Kreutz, in the interior defense with Daniel Gordon acted virtually error-free. Marcel Schmelzer gave Borussen game on the left side, additional quality, so Theo Schneider finds satisfaction in the end had to: "Everything just fit."

Borussia Dortmund 2: Foch - cooking, large Kreutz, Gordon, Schmelzer - Hillenbrand - Tyrala (85. Hille), Vrancic, Öztekin (87. Boztepe) - Ginczek (89. Oscislawski), Kullmann. - Tore: 0:1 Ginczek (57th); Kullmann 0:2 (63).

Info: Large Kreutz locked against Bochum
His excellent form confirmed Marcel Large Kreutz also against Kaiserslautern - it was the third top performance as a result of the internal representation of the team returned, as Uwe Hünemeier to the pros was beordert.
The next home game on Saturday against VfL Bochum 2, however, because it its fifth yellow card for watching convicted.
For Denis Omerbegovic, in Pirmasens was not used, the season has ended. The striker, the club at the end of the season is left, undergoes in the next week an elbow surgery.
In contrast, returns Jörn Neumeister after his knee injury and a months-long break back into the team training.


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