Sunday, 25 January 2009

Together, the team keeps honorable

A third place at the Halle tournament in Cloppenburg, a 0:2-defeat in the first outdoor test against second division Rot-Weiss Ahlen - a weekend record, with no Theo Schneider was dissatisfied.

Finally, had the coach of Borussia Dortmund 2 at the end of the first week to prepare a number of important players refrain. Against Ahlen, as alongside the professionals in the short term because the players and the flu and sick Uwe Hünemeier Nico Hillenbrand had to adjust, there was a quite a group of formation on the artificial turf of the training grounds. Especially precarious the situation at the goalkeeper position: Christian Beer, after earlier in the day on Cloppenburg ankle was injured, had the B-young Cedric Drobe step - and he did his job properly.

The same can be from the rest of the team say. "We have only a few scoring chances admitted" said Schneider of the Association cover a testimonial. It had large interior defender Marcel Kreutz with his cousin Kevin delivered some interesting duels in which he is not a bad figure issued. The 0:2 by Ahlen large Kreutz Dortmund but was eventually unable to prevent (80). Had to break with the full squad angereiste second division by Rene 'Mueller with 1:0 front located. After re-start, and many go to the guests gave Borussia continue well. In the 70th Schneider minutes senses a great opportunity for compensation, called after a game in hand supposed Ahlen penalty in vain, however, a penalty kick.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Drobe - Koch (46 Blacha), Marcel large Kreutz, Gordon, Buttgereit - Hille, Piossek, Tyrala (46 Lorenz), Omerbegovic - Ricken (46. Boztepe) - Ginczek. - Tore: 0:1 Muller (38th), Kevin 0:2 large Kreutz (80).

Even at the last indoor appearance this winter, Schneider had numerous service providers waived. Nevertheless fought the depleted team to the "small final" and then defeated the North Bremer the regional FC Upper Neuland after 1:3-residue with 5:4.

"The guys have beaten very good," summed up the trainer Borussen the events together. Perhaps even more of it have been if the unfortunate 2:3-defeat in the semifinal against 93 for the Altona already missing injured Christian Beer with Sebastian Tyrala not have a field player in goal gemusst. The already small contingent had really shrunk to seven people, as even Michael Oscislawski with a modest Hüftprellung.

In the group phase, the BVB SV Wilhelmshaven (3:2) and league rival Sportfreunde Lotte (3:0) defeated. After a 0-2 defeat against the late-ren tournament champion VfB Oldenburg handed it to at least second place.

In Cloppenburg played: Beer; large Kreutz, Piossek, Boztepe Lorenz Tyrala, Oscislawski, Koch, Blacha.


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