Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Poland tug at Tyrała's heartstrings

Likened to Lionel Messi, attacking midfielder Sebastian Tyrała has bucked a trend by electing to play for Poland despite representing Germany at various youth levels, telling uefa.com: "I never forgot about my roots."

'Real homeland'
While Polish-born Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose and Piotr Trochowski all created a stir in the land of their birth by choosing to play international football for Germany, 20-year-old BV Borussia Dortmund player Tyrała, who played for Germany at both Under-17 and U19 levels, has decided to go back to his roots to play for Poland. "I am very happy and proud of myself that I decided to play for Poland," he told uefa.com. "Even when I played for the Germany youth teams, I thought more about Poland because it is my real homeland."

Similar situation
Like Podolski, Klose and Trochowski, Tyrała moved to Germany as a child as his parents moved west in search of work. He explained: "I was born in Poland, in Raciborz, but when my family moved to Germany when I was 18 months old. That is why I started my football career there." Tyrała started playing for Dortmund as a ten-year-old, and quickly came to the attention of the German youth team selectors, but despite being a prolific scorer at U17 and U19 level, he elected not to play for the U21s, knowing that to do so would bar him from playing for Poland. "Even though I left Poland very young, I never forgot about my roots," he said. "I have always been a Pole at heart and that is why I finally decided to represent this country."

Poland call-up
The opportunity to do that finally arose this December, as national team coach Leo Beenhakker invited him to attend a training camp on Turkey. He duly made his international debut in an unofficial friendly game on 14 December, with his side winning 1-0 against Serbia. "I could not believe it when I heard Mr Beenhakker invited me to the camp in Turkey," he admitted. "I had to check that it was not a joke."

'Eager to learn'
Such good news has been against the run of play for Tyrała whose career has been hampered by a serious knee ligament injury suffered in 2006, since when he has found first-team opportunities at Dortmund hard to come by. He may yet be tempted to move back to Poland to resolve that situation, with Arka Gdynia interested in signing him, and the prospect of more international football has put the wind in his sails. "My first match for Poland is something I will never forget," he said. "And even though I do not know the words of the Polish national anthem yet, I am eager to learn it."

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

From Borussia Dortmund to Arka?

based on the news in Polish Soca (November 15th 2008) , Tyrala will be on loan and will play for Arka Gdynia. Here's the news :

The transfer hit of the winter transfer window maybe soon reality for Arka Gydnia. Sebastian Tyrala of Borussia Dortmund has decided he wants to return to Poland, and Arka is waiting for his signature across the border.
Loan deal
The current Borussia reserve player has been having trouble lately in Germany and sees his best way out is to transfer to Poland. The 20-year-old Polish-German has ambitions of playing for the Polish national team, and playing in Poland may help out his cause. Tyrala had rejected a call up from the German U-21 team earlier in hopes of keeping his Polish national dream alive, but wasting away in the Borussia reserves won't get him there, so instead he will will sign with Polish club, Arka Gydnia. "I have talked with Arka, and I hope to have a deal with them soon in January(...)" Tyrala revealed local to press. Arka Gydnia are in need of a player of Tyrala's type, and will likely get him on loan until to the summer.

Friday, 26 December 2008

"still be growth in the spring"

The placement is fine, even with the score so far, the Borussia Dortmund 2 after the autumn-round finale in the Regionalliga West live. If it were not for the huge gap on leader Kaiserslautern.

Eight counter the black and yellow as the first followers of the leader in the table on 22 February Spring Series beginning to catch up. "That is to pack," Theo Schneider returns despite the disappointing year diploma in Mainz confidence out. "Kaiserslautern," said his sentiment, "had a huge run, but is not about the team and the league is such a series can not be repeated, to indicate the many already scarce results out." The hopes of the Borussen coach just to make the immensely difficult start of the Fair, which is at home against Munster and then eat immediately with two top teams get to do, while Borussia Dortmund with the duty to rear Kleve begins.

Neither the stock nor the achievements gave rise to pessimism. "We had very much to improvise, so, Patrick Njambe, Marcel Schmelzer and Bajram Sadrijaj over long distances noted Scheduled performers replace. Nevertheless, we are only three meters behind our march table - and the trend over the last few weeks was, apart from 0:2 in Mainz, positive. We are still in the spring of growth, not so many points, and also leave no 30 Goals more money. "

How well the game worked attack (Borussia provides the gates with 42 taken in the first attack of the league), the defensive behavior in many games was the major shortcoming.

Tyrala makes a

huge leap

With the return of Daniel Gordon in the interior defense and the change from Julian Cook on the right external position is hoping that the coach, but greater stability. It also implies that Marcel Schmelzer on the left side again regular than previously available - what would be important after Jörn Neumeister after his knee operation fails for months. Finally, the comeback of Marcel Höttecke in sight. "We are pleased with Luke Kruse," says Schneider, "but Marcel had last year played an outstanding season, is in the 3rd 17-time league without a goal remained. From his return, we should expect a lot. "

Among the top players of Hinrunde include the newbies. Damir Vrancic, on "Six" efficient "Abräumer" before the defense and at the same time prudent Spieleröffner and striker Christopher Kullmann played at almost constant high level. Both are successful Borussias Goalscorers (Kullmann 10, Vrancic 7), and underscored its value as a preparer. A giant set forward Sebastian Tyrala made of him after a largely verkorksten 2007/08 his place in midfield master by using high regelrecht has won.

Schneiders desire of the year: that his own team, but also the professional department in the return series of injury worries spared remains: "Reinforcements will not be possible. But if we continue with our staff can work for us, I see very good chances in the end very top. "

Borussia lost to Mainz 0 : 2

Even the moral support of chief coach Juergen Klopp in the gallery could not prevent the annual bitter. With the 0:2 (0:0)-defeat at Mainz 05 Borussia suffered the 2 chosen in the last match before the winter break a serious blow in the struggle to climb.

Even the moral support of chief coach Juergen Klopp in the gallery could not prevent the annual bitter. With the 0:2 (0:0)-defeat at Mainz 05 Borussia suffered the 2 chosen in the last match before the winter break a serious blow in the struggle to climb.

As with the front-runner Kaiserslautern 2-1 in Worms his eighth victory with a hit and now celebrated difference ten games unbeaten is widened the gap between the Borussen to eight meters. However, there is Theo Schneider unabated belligerent: "We have three years ago, a similar residue on Verl compensated and are still at the bottom with seven points Ascended. We are now in no way, but in the spring round of full attack. "

In the Bundesliga at the stadium of Borussia Bruchweg had a top performance retrieve need to resort to the strong men defy them. But the team never really linked to their successful performances of the past four weeks. Again Schneider had to improvise be accessed but this is not the necessary changes. Without the food in convincing professional loans, also without the injured or sick at home and remained as strong as last Jörn Neumeister and Julian Koch lacked the match Dortmund also to the chagrin of the more than 300 fans accompanying the necessary quality to the gloss on the defensive organized and again straight konternden Mainzer be a problem to.

The FSV made the midfield so tightly that the BVB was not in a position, a fluid combination play. The penalty was Christopher Kullmann always tried, but the scorer was no gap. Yasin Öztekin had little good scenes, including Sebastian Tyrala achieved, unlike last, no great effect. So compelling scoring chances were a rarity. Dangerous it was usually only when Damir Vrancic in place of the old free replayability. But it was also unlucky added, Mainz as a player for his beaten goalkeeper saved on the line (25).

When the Mainzer one of their counter-shocks through Khaibar Amani used to keep (52), the fate took its course. Even Lars Ricken was no longer the turn and when the Borussia at the end threw everything forward, made Alex Elliott in the post-season final at the sack.

Theo Schneider was a fair loser: "With a little luck we would have a point here you can get. Mainz But today was just a bit better. "

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Gordon, Hünemeier, Hille (67. Ricken) - Omerbegovic (46. large Kreutz), Piossek, Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin (73. Lorenz) - Kullmann.

Tore: 1:0 Amani (52), 2:0 Elliott (90 +1).


Sebastian Tyrala: Christmas Came Early This Year

For Sebastian Tyrala Christmas was early this year. On December 14, the 20-year old Borussia player gave his international debut - for Poland. This is the story of a highly talented youngster who seemed to have everything in front of him at the age of 17 and then all of a sudden found himself on the bench of the BVB amateur team...
Sebastian Tyrala has learned how to play well in the Regionalliga.
28 June 2005: The B-Youth players Nuri Sahin and Sebastian Tyrala get called up to the professional roster of Borussia Dortmund only a few days after missing the German youth final in their age group. They skip the A-Youth team (for ages 17 and 18) and get close to giving their Bundesliga debut.

18 July 2005: In a battle for the ball with Jan Koller in practice, Sebastian Tyrala suffers a torn ACL, needs surgery and is out for more than half a year. While his best friend Nuri Sahin becomes the Bundesliga´s youngest player ever and also the Bundesliga´s youngest goalscorer ever, Tyrala needs to start almost from scratch. In April 2006 he suffers a meniscus injury.

In the Under-19 EURO 2006, Tyrala leads the German team into the semis with strong performances against Serbia and France. In the semi final, the Greeks score a last minute goal against the Germans and the big dream of European glory is over. Tyrala makes his first appearance for BVB in the Bundesliga with a "delay" of about one year on 22 September 2006 when BVB lose 1-0 at Gladbach. Six more Bundesliga matches are to follow, the last one so far being in the 3-0 home win over Cottbus on 25 August 2007.

Theo Schneider has not lost his belief in Sebastian Tyrala.
But the 171 cm tall youngster has still not really made it in the professional BVB team. Under former coach Thomas Doll he was not given a chance anymore at the end. Even at the BVB amateurs, his performances get worse and under Theo Schneider he only has 19 caps in the Regionalliga with only one being for the full 90 minutes.

"Maybe it all came too early for him", Schneider says. In any case, the torn ACL "came at the worst of all moments". The fact that Tyrala skipped the A-Youth team altogether has become a problem. Schneider, who still believes in Tyrala, says that "he is missing some speed and physical fitness from that time".

In the current season with BVB II, the 20-year old has been constantly doing well. He scores important goals and takes important decisions. The German youth international, who was born in Ratibor in Poland, ditches Germany for Poland. Tyrala was invited by Poland coach Leo Beenhakker to a trial with a "perspective roster".
Swapped jerseys: Sebastian Tyrala (center) now plays for Poland.
In a test match against Turkish team Antalyaspor (3-0 for Poland), Tyrala had one assist and seems to have impressed Beenhakker. On 14 December 2008, Tyrala then gets his first official cap for the Polish national team in a 1-0 win over Serbia. "I played for about 60 minutes and the match was shown live on Polish TV. After the match, lots of friends and colleagues called my parents", Tyrala explains proudly.

However, Tyrala, who took his first steps in football with BV Bad Sassendorf before moving to Borussia Dortmund in 1999, has to fight with a language barrier. Poland is his home country, but German is his mother tongue. "Luckily, Leo Beenhakker also speaks German and not Polish. Apparently he had asked Mr. Watzke about me already. Now he knows who I am. And I assume he will still be the Polish national coach for the EURO 2012."

Tyrala does not think that he has a chance of making the roster for the WC 2010 in South Africa. "I only play in the 4th division with the BVB amateurs. That´s not satisfying for myself either. But at the trial in Turkey, the Polish Under-21 coach was also present." However, his coach at BVB, Theo Schneider, does not suggest changing clubs. "Sebastian has made and important step, but now he has to stabilize himself with us and reach a certain level and play well on a regular basis."

And maybe by next Christmas, Tyrala is back on the professional BVB roster. Who knows...

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Pictures of Tyrala in Poland

Dec 14th 2008, Tyrala played for Polish against Serbien (Polish : Serbien 1-0)

Tyrala: "I hope to play in a higher league soon"

The BVB has the next national players: Sebastian Tyrala was eight days in Turkey on a course of the Polish perspective squad against Serbia and graduated its first A-match.

Congratulations to the first A-match. How else was it in Turkey?

Sebastian Tyrala: "It was like a training camp with two units a day. At the beginning it was not so simple. The language, you know nobody, while the others are all from the Polish league know. Because I felt a little uncomfortable. But that has quickly made. "

Thanks to the Internationals ...

"Yes. Against Sakaryaspor from the first Turkish league, we have won 3:0, I have prepared a gate. On Sunday we have played against Serbia, my first official A-match. I arrived at our 1-0 about 60 minutes to use. The game was broadcast live on Polish television transmitted. Afterwards, many acquaintances and friends when my parents called. "

They also had the opportunity to make national coach Leo Beenhakker to know?

"Yes, he and his crew were all the time here. Fortunately for me: He speaks no English and Polish, so often speaks English. The other players speak Polish, not German. So we have some time to think. He had probably already in Mr. Watzke inquired after me. Now he knows who I am. And yes, he is probably still in the Euro 2012 Polish national coach to be. "

What's next?

"With the World Cup qualifiers, I am not there yet, so I play only in the 4th League, which is also not satisfactory for me. But in Turkey was also the U21 national coach here. I hope in the next season in Germany or Poland in a higher league to play. "

Now, even the game with Borussia Dortmund 2 in Mainz on.

"We want the fifth victory in the series. At the moment makes it huge fun, I have in my trunk space amateurs. And we want to ascend in the summer. "

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Polish vs Turkish ( 3 : 0 )

The Polish B-team had a successful sparring match against Turkish opponents Antylaspor, winning by a breezy 3:0 end score.

Good test run
Leo Beenhakker was curious to see what Poland's reserve players were capable of, and they proved him right with a 3:0 victory last night. Considering this was not an official FIFA sanctioned match, but only a mere sparring game, the Dutchman played two completely different squads for both halves. Some of the players which had impressed against the Turks like Celeban, Pawłowski, can count on getting another call from Beenhakker when Poland A-team games start. Unfortunately, Radoslaw Majewski injured himself during training and was unable to take part in the scrimmage.

'Fantastic result'
Nevertheless, the Dutchman was still happy with his teams game, "We played a very good game, considering we only trained twice prior to the match and most of the lads never played together. We looked very confident, and controlled much of the match. For me, it was a fantastic result and I'm very satisfied to see how well everything turned out as we had some troubles in the starting days of camp. Of course Serbia will be a harder opponent, but that is good for our young players, for only when you play against strong opposition is when you learn. I'm confident that we will have a good result against the Serbs as well." said happily Poland coach, Leo Beenhakker

Vital young guns
Wisla forward Rafal Boguski started the night for Poland in the 10th minute with a strike past the keeper, provided a good assist by midfielder Sebastion Tyrała. The Turkish opponents soon started to pressure the Polish half until defensive gaffes lead CSKA Moscow hitman Dawid Janczyk to soon easily tip the ball over the Antylaspor custodian, giving the Poles an extra goal going into the second half. An all new roster came out for Poland in the second half, which after a little awkwardness in the Antylaspor box had Tomasz Zahorski score the third goal of the night, sealing Poland the victory. Poland coach, Leo Beenhakker was happy with his teams morale and game and plans for another victory in Turkey against UEFA opponents, Serbia.

Polish B-team squads:
First half: Cierzniak - Rzeźniczak, Celeban, Polczak, Magiera - Tyrała, Łukasiewicz, Trałka, Małkowski - Boguski, Janczyk

Second half: Stachowiak - Pawelec, Jodłowiec, Pazdan, Komorowski - Pawłowski, Danch, Krychowiak, Gancarczyk – Zieliński, Zahorski


Monday, 8 December 2008

Tyrala admits his worries about the culture shocks

Sebastian Tyrala has admitted that before his first training camp with the Polish national team, he has some small issues that he is concerned very much about. One of which is getting used to the "new culture" which he knows will meet among his Polish teammates, but he is still very much more excited then worried.

Different culture
Tyrala, who had made his way to the Polish B-team training camp in Turkey this December has no regrets about choosing Poland over his native Germany. The midfielder who had been born and raised in Germany is currently playing for the Borussia Dortmund reserves in the German Fourth division, but expects to go on loan to Polish side Arka Gydnia in the winter transfer window. Just days before the first Polish B-team fixture in Turkey, Sebastian Tyrala is feeling a bit home sick, but agrees that it must be because he's not exactly used to the "Polish way of life" yet.

'Joy greater then fear'
"I'm a little bit worried, I don't know anyone on the team, and for sure I'll have to deal with a different culture then the one I am used to." says the 20-year-old Tyrala, who is soon expected for training camp in Turkey. "At home, my parents tried their very best to raise me in a Polish fashion, we even celebrated all the holidays the old Polish way, but yet I still feel so very foreign among my Polish teammates. But of course, the joy to represent Poland is far greater then fear. I can't wait to meet my new friends on the national team, most especially I want to meet the great (Leo) Beenhakker. I've read and heard so much about it, so it will be a real treat to meet him in person, and thank goodness I won't have any trouble communicating with him, as he speaks very good German."

Borussia-Youngster increase pressure on Established

The qualities of Borussia football talent has always been undisputed. When effort against Prussia Munster showed the young boys that they have a game but also about the struggle to decide.

The strong performance, especially his youngster was one of the most encouraging aspects of this game. "They have not only played the game well, but even of emphasis," rejoiced Theo Schneider on the happiness handles Marcus Piossek, Daniel Ginczek and Julian Koch, as the defenders even something like the discovery of the game was. "Perhaps it is even for him the ideal position," said the coach about Julian Koch, the hitherto always in the inner defense came to the course.

While Koch has already delivered some good games, surprised by the strong debut of Piossek. Schneider had in the nomination no abdominal pain: "He has trained well, so he was now also time off - and he has the opportunity." All three have the pressure on the incumbents increased. For a complete squad will also help Nico Hillenbrand and Bajram Sadrijaj the way back into the starting formation only top performances possible.

In the top game on Saturday (14.00 clock) in the championship favorites Rot-Weiss Essen will, however, an entirely different Borussen formation on the square. One day after the Bundesliga match against Gladbach is not only again with Damir Vrancic be expected, but also to gain "from above", while Marcel Schmelzer and Marc Kruska as the first candidates apply.

Daniel Ginczek with the U 18 to Israel

During the short term against Munster defaulted Nico Hillenbrand and Jörn Neumeister likely to return, others have no choice but to adapt: Julian cooking because its fifth yellow card, which for weeks heavily aufspielende Sebastian Tyrala because of a course of the Polish perspective selection by national coach Leo Beenhakker and Daniel Ginczek because of a short-preserved invitation for the 18-U national team, which on Saturday at a tournament after Israel launches. "Maybe it is possible that he one day later nachreist," Theo Schneider hopes that the A-young also for the serious lot in Essen on the invoice had. (U. St.)


The Latest Interview with Sebastian Tyrala

Sebastian Tyrala is master player in the regional and was now in the Polish national team appointed. About his further plans he spoke with Sven Bauer.

Transfermarkt.de: In November this year got the message that you need for the Polish national team have been nominated. How and where did you learn?

Sebastian Tyrala: I have the morning after training amateur experience. I have on my phone Factory and had 100 calls and chill as many SMS. The first SMS messages that I have read, was from my advisers and there it stood:''Welcome to the Polish national team''. First, I wanted to not believe it and then called my parents - and they have confirmed.

Transfermarkt.de: What were your first thoughts?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is difficult to say what I thought the moment, because the joy was so huge that I just had to calm down. But then I presented as the anthem is played and for the first time the Polish wearing jersey.

Transfermarkt.de: What do you have for a first impression of national coach Leo Beenhakker?

Sebastian Tyrala: Leo Beenhakker I have not yet personally met and therefore it is difficult to say how the first impression is. However, I would say that he is a very good coach and everyone can teach a lot.

Transfermarkt.de: On what look you most?

Sebastian Tyrala: I am honestly at all. Just to make people get to know and of course the game is against Serbia the most beautiful.

Transfermarkt.de: Coach Beenhakker has sent you a bet against Serbia promised. How to prepare yourself before your debut?

Sebastian Tyrala: Before the game starts, we still have about a week to help us prepare for the game and I am already as good as it can present. Otherwise, every player has his own rituals before a game, and I will keep before a match. An important ritual for me is that I am the only football pitch with a left foot touch - that I have been doing for many years.

Transfermarkt.de: Do you have your team-mates Jakub Blaszczykowski already spent, as he so vehemently for you in relation to the national team into the stuff has?

Sebastian Tyrala: The invitation for the food is already in place, we just have a suitable day.

Transfermarkt.de: You have now finally decided to Poland, although the possibility existed, the German national team to join. There were serious side of German attempts to enter the team to pick?

Sebastian Tyrala: I have many great times with the German national team had, but there was never a concrete sign me for the U-21 invite. The Polish federation has been very trying for me and for me it was a good sign. Since I am born in Poland and we are at home with us also live polish, was for me the decision even easier.

Transfermarkt.de: You are a Dortmunder own greenhouses and underwent many youth teams. Can you remember how your first contact between the BVB and you went, as you do in Bad Sassendorf played?

Sebastian Tyrala: The Borussia organizes every year a big event,''which is the day of talents''calls. There are all youth coach of Borussia Dortmund on the spot and then look at the games many small children. If one strikes, he will be approached and invited to trial. That was also the case with me and I was able to convince trial training. I am again in 1999 when Borussia landed.

Transfermarkt.de: The Borussia Dortmund has already spawned some talent. What are the virtues you have learned in youth, or at what there is a lot of emphasis?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is difficult to say what much valued. I always had a good feeling, because we in any training could learn something. We had great coaches and the environment during Borussia's always been really great.

Transfermarkt.de: For many players is the first serious body of the exchange of the youth in the area seniors. How was it for you?

Sebastian Tyrala: I am directly from the B-youth in the professional cadre of Borussia Dortmund moved and after about a week I had a torn cruciate ligament and had by this violates a whole year to fight. One can say that I almost two years in order to arrive in seniors football. But this season I am the first physically fit properly and thus I can get better performance.

Transfermarkt.de: Your Bundesliga debut gave you on 22.09.2006 in the away game at Borussia Moenchengladbach, you were for the Swiss Alexander Frei eingewechselt. With what feelings do you have in the lot is included?

Sebastian Tyrala: This is a feeling that you can not really describe it. Because it is madness, how great it is to be able to play football - before so many spectators. This one remembers that it is worthwhile to work hard to someday come to the very top.

Transfermarkt.de: Your home debut gave you a game later before the famous "wall", the Dortmund fans. You get into so much a moment, the goose bumps or hides from you and completely focused on the game?

Sebastian Tyrala: In the first moment you get a shiver, and in any case. The forfeit in the game of course, because you are concentrating on other things. However, you can hear the chants of fans ever, and after the game (if it was obtained) can also really enjoy.

Transfermarkt.de: You have a variety of arenas as the Bundesliga Borussia players attended. Where is your mood is best remembered?

Sebastian Tyrala: In each stadium, it is something special. For us in the Signal Iduna Park, the mood is incredible and of course the best thing the Bundesiga has to offer. But the fans from Frankfurt and Hamburg have made me very impressed.

Transfermarkt.de: What in the 06/07 season even started so well, then went slowly downhill. They completed 07/08 still a Bundesliga game, you were going into the season officially Regionalliga squad "made". Let's face: What is your opinion located? And what you answer people who say you are too vulnerable or would overrate themselves?

Sebastian Tyrala: Before we had the question of whether I'm seniors football arrived and repeat because I am also happy again. I had a very severe injury, where I was twice operated on her knee and so was a whole year out bin. And I got up to the current season with my body worked to top to be fit and therefore I can only now really show what I can. I think I'm not vulnerable, because it was the knee after a foul play and otherwise, I had never injured any worse. Whether I appreciate about myself? Since I can only say that I do not in any case. I just had a lot of bad luck and now comes a time that is very good for me and when I run because continue to do, I can be a very positive development.

Transfermarkt.de: You've been described as a great talent, you were a great future in Dortmund predicted. Do sometimes even before, not where to have everything?

Sebastian Tyrala: On the square, of course, I try always to give 100 percent and sometimes it works and sometimes does not. But I would never accuse me that I may not always have everything.

Transfermarkt.de: Since the summer, you play officially for the Second Team of the BVB. Who did you finally informed that cadres in the Bundesliga team have little chance?

Sebastian Tyrala: I did with Mr. Zorc talked about what would be better for me and we both have recognized that it is probably better if I try, in the amateurs a fixed trunk space to develop. And for me that this step has been very worthwhile. Currently I am master player and I can recommend for other tasks.

Transfermarkt.de: What is the role of coach Juergen Klopp here?

Sebastian Tyrala: With Juergen Klopp, I have never talked about this topic.

Transfermarkt.de: Do you feel unfairly treated in general?

Sebastian Tyrala: no. Each coach has an idea of his team and his players and it may be that I do not fit into the profile. I am not angry, but every footballer would be disappointed.

Transfermarkt.de: You are regarded as striker and you will under no chance against the Offenisvkräfte Zidan, Frei, Valdez and Klimowicz to have. What can you answer?

Sebastian Tyrala: At the moment I play with the amateurs in the midfield and I can say that I post many ions can occupy. I can answer a similar question as in the earlier: It may be that I do not fit the profile that Juergen Klopp imagine, but that you can not say that I am not against others, such as striker Zidan, Valdez, etc. can enforce .

Transfermarkt.de: In Regionalliga team, you are a fixed size. Do you have problems, for the team to motivate or see it as an opportunity?

Sebastian Tyrala: So I see this as an opportunity. The Regionalliga is a good league, with many good footballers. Here I would like to show good performance and with the team soar. So it's absolutely no problem to motivate myself.

Transfermarkt.de: Your coach is there, Theo Schneider. How important is it for you?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is quite clear that it is very important for me. It gives me much confidence at the moment and I try to play it by good performances back to pay.

Transfermarkt.de: How can you look at the difference in team cohesion between the reserve and the Bundesligaelf imagine?

Sebastian Tyrala: I think there are not so many differences, if at all, there. Each team has goals and I think everyone gives everything in order to achieve these goals.

Transfermarkt.de: The situation was in recent months not just for you. Who you at this moment?

Sebastian Tyrala: Since I am at my parents' bathroom in Sassendorf live, I have many people who support me because I'm never alone. My family and my girlfriend are my biggest fans and they believe in me - and this is tremendously important. And of course all my friends with whom I had previously played together. Everyone is thinking positively and that helps me.

Transfermarkt.de: If the headline "From the Regionalliga in the national team" always reads, so it raises a question: Leo Beenhakker you overestimated or underestimated Juergen Klopp you?

Sebastian Tyrala: As I said, each coach pursues a different game and it may be that I am better in the Polish Nationalmannschft do, but I think it overestimated and underestimated me neither.

Transfermarkt.de: The situation is similar for your team-mates Nuri Sahin, the master player at Feyenoord and was now on the bench fristet his existence. Did you in Dortmund as its own talent no lobby?

Sebastian Tyrala: The question is not easy to answer. The best example is Marc-Andre Kruska be. He has nearly 100 Bundesliga games and my feeling is that it is in Dortmund, never a reputation gets. It is not easy, as a junior player in Dortmund enforce. Brzenska, Odonkor, Gambino etc are all no longer at Borussia.

Transfermarkt.de: Your situation may be, in any case not go on. Arka Gdynia you wish to undertake. How will it go now?

Sebastian Tyrala: It is also perfectly clear that I am around for alternatives. But it must also fit. Everything is not so easy, but it is important that I show good performance and I so recommend.

Transfermarkt.de: If you want to leave Borussia Dortmund and if so - by borrowing, or do you want to start from scratch?

Sebastian Tyrala: I can not even until today to answer. But I think it probably would be better if I start from scratch somewhere and there is no longer questioned, which was 3 years ago.

Transfermarkt.de: What conditions would have to bring the new club?

Sebastian Tyrala: The trainer should have an interest in me, because it brings me nothing, somewhere to go and play then I do not. Otherwise, the environment must also reasonably fit, but otherwise there are not many conditions.

Transfermarkt.de: If you look back: Would you all again just to make decisions or otherwise meet?

Sebastian Tyrala: I would duel with Jan Koller avoided, then I would have had no knee injury. But otherwise I would do everything exactly like today.

Transfermarkt.de: Ideally, where I meet you in three years?

Sebastian Tyrala: In any case, I will play football somewhere, wherever and in whatever league that shows then. I am in any case very positively voted and I am very pleased at the coming years.

Transfermarkt.de: Please tell an anecdote from your football life.

Sebastian Tyrala: The tell me when I'm 40 years old!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Prima prospects after great effort

Sebastian Tyrala as a chart of accounts in the final minute with the gateway to the 3:1-End closed, it's all clear: Borussias Regionalliga team had for the remarkable effort this season and the wage captive before the hit on Saturday in Essen bright prospects for gains

Rare were the omens as bad as before the pursuers duel against Prussia Munster: Damir Vrancic, alongside Uwe Hünemeier "head" of the team in the pros, Nico Hillenbrand (gastro-intestinal infection) and Jörn Neumeister (crushing bones of the knee) out at short notice, as a host of players scheduled Bajram Sadrijaj (calf) are also injured.

Overall, Schneider had his Startelf at five positions change. He renounced still on hand Lars Ricken, sat on very young boys, so that was a not insignificant risk - and did everything right. An example: Marcus Piossek. At his debut in the early formation in midfield, he made a huge workload, caught many balls and effectively switched to the offensive a - as in the 1:0 by Julian Koch, which he excellently prepared (10).

Or Koch himself: this defense on the right side, he sprayed before running and dedication, has developed a momentum that even the set at this position Hillenbrand rarely showed, however, was the fifth "Yellow" and is lacking in food.

These Ginczek Daniel, another talent from the A-youth, located in the attack by a permanent position change aufrieb and great with Christopher Kullmann added. Three youngster, a proxy for the whole team is. "A Riesenlob at all, they were downright battled into the game," beamed Schneider, the boys spontaneously his two free days spendierte.

Even the incumbents had major share in this success. How Tyrala, a brilliant duel of the balance sheet under consideration and the game always drove to the front, or Hünemeier as chief of defense, which in this occupation never had played together. And Kullmann, after fine-Öztekin puck hits its tenth season reached (32).

With their courageous from the start of the game had Borussen their guests seemed surprised. Surely there was also anxious moments to survive, even a thirst period of Prussia after the start. But it was close until after the port late hit by Julian Loose (83.). Tyralas answer a little later seemed like a salvation.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - cooking, large Kreutz, Hünemeier, Hille - Piossek (83. Omerbegovic), Gordon (64. Oscislawski), Tyrala, Öztekin - Kullmann, Ginczek (89. Schneider). - Tore: 1:0 Koch (10), 2:0 Kullmann (32), 2:1 ores (83.); 3:1 Tyrala (90.).