Sunday, 30 November 2008

3: 0 against BV Cloppenburg

As the Borussia delegation yesterday in the early afternoon set in motion, a man sat on the bus, which in the past few months only as a functionary rather than as a player himself made.

Lars Ricken, energetic young coordinator in the black and yellow, has no soccer shoes to nail hanged.

In Regionalliga game on Saturday (14.00 clock) at Wormatia Worn celebrating the ex-national players his comeback on the green lawn. After a long injury break, the 32-year-old at the start of the game, however, still sit on the bench. "He is now, but again the extent that he can help us," Theo Schneider expects that Ricken, if necessary, will be able to get the game in order to steer or to calm down. "Above all," as the coach says, "if there is a lot to be close."

And so it is reasonable to expect. The success of safe 3:0-final on Wednesday against BV Cloppenburg light was no more than a mandatory victory. To even the current hurdle, you must have the Borussen certainly still a Schüpp it lay. While the Lower than the previously weakest opponents of the BVB in the Red Earth presented, is the Wormatia currently in the ascendant. After a bad season start, the team of Bernd TRAR caught, won four of its last six games (three of them abroad) - and each other without results. With the 2:0 in the previous week in Oggersheim and jump to rank 15, the first Worms leave the relegation ranks.

Theo Schneider has agreed to set an opponent to be taken by the recent success in significantly gained self-confidence is likely to have: "With all due respect, we must from the outset show that the place we want to leave as the winner." After the mountain - And plummeting in recent weeks in which the Borussen generally played well, but many points are unnecessarily could be another triple ago, in order to fight the rise of no more ground to lose. The trainer says it unequivocally: "We want to create the basis for an absolute Topspiel on Saturday next week at home against Munster."

As expected, the Startelf change again today. One day before the Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg are Marcel Schmelzer and Giovanni Federico not available. A little Schneider yesterday still hoped to Marc Kruska, the short term, according to Worms would stay. Would like the coach for the national U-21 players to change the definition.

After the guest of Marcel Schmelzer now enjoys the confidence Jörn Neumeister Theo Schneider on the left defensive position. Even Sebastian Hille, against Argentina because of the age clause had to watch, may, at a place in the Startelf hope. Julian Koch, of intervening in the ausgeholfen A youth had returned to the game in Worms in the Regionalliga squad back.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Gordon (Koch), Hünemeier, Neumeister - Hille, Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin - Sadrijaj, Kullmann.


Tyrala Will Play in Turkey

Based on the news from and the latest wikipedia, Leo Beenhakker, Polish National Team's Coach called up Sebastian Tyrala (on November 21st 2008) to play in some friendly matches at Antalya, Turkey.

Here's the News :

Leo Beenhakker called 24 players on the Polish group representation in Turkey (Antalya), which will be held from 8 to 15 December. In the group were set up mainly of players born between 1984-1987 who are on your performances in the representations of youth.

The idea is to cluster - as the same coach - to give the players a chance to show their abilities and this in the context of both the near future, and in the future preparation of the team, which will represent Poland at the European championships 2012.

Due to the participation in the UEFA Cup matches, the coach not to set up a group of players Lech Poznan.

In Turkey, representation rozegra two matches: 10 December sparring match with the team Antalyaspor Kulübü and 14 December an official match with Serbia.

The teaching staff at the grouping in Turkey:

Goalkeepers: Radoslaw Cierzniak (Korona Kielce), Sebastian Przyrowski (Polonia Warsaw), Adam Stachowiak (Odra Wodzislaw Slaski).

Defenders: Peter Polczak (Krakow), Michal Pazdan (FC), Adam Danch (FC), Mariusz Magiera (FC), Jacob RZEŹNICZAK (Legia Warsaw), Marcin Komorowski (Liverpool FC), Tomasz Jodłowiec (Polonia Warsaw), Mariusz Pawelec (Slask Wroclaw), Piotr Celeban (Slask Wroclaw), Antoni Lukasiewicz (Slask Wroclaw).

Helpers: Lukasz banister (Newcastle United Gdańsk), Maciej małkowski (Odra Wodzislaw Slaski), Radoslaw Majewski (Polonia Warsaw), Janusz Gancarczyk (Slask Wroclaw), Szymon Pawlowski (Zaglebie Lubin), Grzegorz Krychowiak (FC Girondins de Bordeaux, France), Sebastian Tyrala (BV Borussia 1909, Germany).

Assailants, "David Nowak (GKS Belchatow), Tomasz Zahorski (FC), Rafal Boguski (Wisla Krakow), David Janczyk (CSKA Moscow, Russia).

The reserve list: Marek Wasiluk (Cracovia), Maciej Rybus (Legia Warsaw), Kamil Glik (Arsenal FC), Michal Zielinski (Liverpool FC), Patrick Malecki (Wisla Krakow), Piotr Kuklis (GKS Belchatow), Michal Gliwa (Polonia Warsaw) .

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

3 : 0 Erfolg über Schlusslicht BV Cloppenburg

Duty: With no stage threatened to 3:0 (1:0)-final success over light BV Cloppenburg improved Borussias excellent reception yesterday evening Regionalliga-team table to fourth place, but still impressive seven points behind front-runner Kaiserslautern. Man of the evening was Chistopher Kullmann, with its twin pack (2nd, 52nd) for the early decision caused. The victory had only one flaw: He would have much greater need. "We could have been before the break can make everything clear," also criticized coach Theo Schneider, but otherwise the speech with his team was largely satisfied: "It was not a high quality game, but we are very aggressive occurred, have the opponent under Pressure, the two battles won and implemented so that what we had previously made. "

Foul by meets Vrancic Penalty

The 581 spectators were in the red earth come to gates to see their team. Actually started the game promising, as the Borussia equal with his first chance in management went: After a fine pass from Damir Vrancic Christopher Kullman marked his eighth season hits. Sagittarius as preparation once belonged to the highest Borussen. Even Marc Kruska, who together with Vrancic on the double-Six game at the building tried and Sebastian Tyrala in offensive midfield gave a good performance. The other guest players from the professional department acted While engaged, but continued - as Bajram Sadrijaj and Giovanni Federico - not the big accents.

Despite the fact too narrow lead had never been to break the feeling that the game would tilt can. This was harmless to the guests in the offensive, sometimes almost fearful, and only in the final phase, as the concentration at Borussia receded a bit, then got up a little safe defense work.

Given the significant balance of power in favor of the hosts was clear that a second hit, the decision would mean. Shortly after re-start then that's as far as Kullmann after pass of Gordon and a fine solo hit after his second set. The rest worried Vrancic (73.) via penalty after foul on Hünemeier. Shortly before had only the third meeting Kullmann posts prevented.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, Gordon, Hünemeier, Schmelzer - Kruska, Vrancic - Sadrijaj (71. Oscislawski), Tyrala (77. Piossek), Federico - Kullmann (84. Lorenz). - Tore: 1:0 Kullman (9), 2-0 Kullmann (52.), 3:0 Vrancic (73., foul penalty).


Monday, 24 November 2008

Schneider's team falls further behind

Ironically against Borussia Dortmund Eintracht Trier celebrated the first home victory this season Regionalliga - without being committed to the ex-Borussen Sahr Senesi, whose play is not time before kick-off had arrived.

After the 1:2 (0:1)-Moselle defeat in the stadium increased the residue of the former table leader on the current front-runner Kaiserslautern on seven points. That his boys again delivers a good game, visually over long distances had clear advantages in the second half virtually only on a gate and the defense played the square in men repeatedly brought embarrassment, for Theo Schneider was no consolation: "We have here a huge effort and have not been rewarded again. "Surely, the black and yellow in some situations, including bad luck, but above all they lack before the opposing goal once more the necessary cleverness. Schneider: "If you have so many clear chances searched, you may simply can not lose."

The game began very badly for the Borussen, which came early in residue (Schulz 12), with a batten header from Lacroix almost 0:2 collects had (22) and Damir Vrancic shortly afterwards with a deep laceration on the Eyebrow lost. But all of this did not discourage participated in the series decided the booklet in hand and would break even before the balance can be achieved. The opportunity had top professional loan Bajram Sadrijaj on the foot as he moved to pass by Nico Hillenbrand Eintracht-Schneider plays around goalkeeper had, but the finished piece of art brought to hasten back anzuschießen shepherd and released before the gate apparently safe 1:1 awarded (30).

Immediately after re-start of the next shock, as Risser after a corner after the set 2-0 (48). With its seventh Saisontor shortened Christopher Kullmann, with Sebastian Tyrala and Nico Hillenbrand best Borusse to 1:2 (60.), five minutes later, Hillenbrand hit the post - but despite pressing superiority and further opportunities to the compensation does not fall. Instead, there's still the yellow / red card for Öztekin Yasin, in the post-season twice, and thus meckerte on Saturday in the home game against Cloppenburg must pause. (U. St.)

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand, large Kreutz, Koch (83. Boztepe), Neumeister - Hille (71. Ginczek), Vrancic (24 Gordon), Tyrala, Öztekin - Sadrijaj, Kullmann. - Tore: 1:0 Schulz (12), 2:0 Risser (48), 2:1 Kullmann (60.).


Pressure situation overcome

"It has everything fit," rejoiced Theo Schneider after the 3-1 success against top on Friday 1st FC Cologne 2, with which Borussias Regionalliga team in the title battle has returned (as reported).

The coach was a high risk received when he was with Mikhail Alecsandrov and - after the break - Daniel Ginczek two young boys brought that nobody had on the bill. Alecsandrov was so far all case in Test matches, have been used and did his thing in the right midfield properly. Ginczek, young vintage from the A-youth, had hitherto been no contact with the amateurs, proved with his youthful Unbekümmerheit but equally as invigorating element in the offensive, as he Nico Hillenbrand (shoulder injury) came into the game. "He may come back," Schneider has certified his courageous performance. Ginczek is at least as long as an alternative to the bottleneck in the attack has ceased.

As for the two debutants is equally true also for the rest of the result of the staffing problems rather zusammengewürfelten team: it was the pressure situation, this game in no case be allowed to lose, fine finish, offered a belligerent and sometimes strong even playful good idea, which, unlike against Lautern and in Bochum, this also brought deserved reward.

In addition to the once convincing Damir Vrancic and Christopher Kullmann also gathered Sebastian Tyrala plus points. Schneider: "He has perhaps his best season game." Since it could be close to last only rarely convincing Daniel Gordon, after the expiration of its lock on Saturday in Trier, also is available again as Uwe Hünemeier.


Sunday, 9 November 2008

3:1 against Cologne: Borussia Dortmund 2 logs in the title fight back

The players of the evening were called Christopher Kullmann the game with a double-header in the 40th and 49th Minute shot, Damir Vrancic, which hit number one and three with maßgenauen Clear clashes prepared, and Jörn Neumeister (picture above) with 2:1 and preparing for his first hit after a long injury break (53.) to 3:1. Vrancic had its strong performance can still round when he caused to Daniel Ginczek foul penalty and not in Cologne next to the gate would have shot (75.).

They had the game for the Borussen, where Mikhail Alecsandrov surprisingly celebrated his championship debut, and to the professionals aufgestiegene Marcel Schmelzer after his Muskelfaserriss a short deployment came very bad start. Cologne laid off as firefighters stood safely in the cover, quickly switched to offensive around, Borussia took the two-, three arge embarrassment and consequently went through Marius Laux with 1:0 in the lead (13th). But after 20 minutes of Borussia Dortmund got the game under control, although primarily Vrancic and Damir Sebastian Tyrala to build a constructive attempt.

Even the 1:1 to break the Borussen had fairly earned. With the double blow shortly after the re-start, they paved the way to victory. With the 3:1-lead in the back of the room focused Gentlemen successfully to the lot to control.

"After a difficult start, we have increased enormously, belligerent and convinced deserves won" said coach Theo Schneider.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse - Hillenbrand (46. Ginczek), kitchen, large Kreutz, Neumeister - Alecsandrov (84. Schmelzer), Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin (89. Boztepe). Hille, Kullmann. - Tore: 0:1 Laux (13), 1:1 Kullmann (40), 2:1 Kullmann (49.), 3:1 Neumeister (53.) Neumeister.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Derby little suspense

When Borussia 2 played against VfL Bochum 2 in Wattenscheid (15.00 o'clock) , runs the ASC 09 to FC Recklinghausen (14.30 o'clock).

As both teams in nearly Best muster occupation, the prospects of success of the Regionalligisten or Westfanligisten also not bad.

After the 1-2 home defeat against the reserve of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern are Borussen again mächig under pressure. "We expect to VfL Bochum another aufspielenden aggressive opponents," said coach Theo Schneider before the match in Lohrheidestadion.

Whether in Wattenscheid back a player from the senior squad will participate, will decide the chief coach Juergen Klopp today Saturday. Delron Buckley is again a candidate. After a five-injury break has now returned Jörn Neumeister. The 21-year-old has his toe injury auskuriert. An application from the beginning for him, however, seems still too early to comment.

By blocking by Daniel Gordon is Marcel large Kreutz again his position as interior spaces and defenders in defensive midfield play.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse; Hillenbrand, Hünemeier, cooking, Oscislawski (Buckley, Neumeister); large Kreutz, Vrancic, Tyrala, Öztekin; Kullmann, Hille.

The gloomy autumn weather does not currently fit the general mood at the 09th ASC After two last but not least, playfully convincing performance reigns at Dortmund Westfalenligisten vain sunshine.

"We want to continue the connection to hold table top, and finally we do not want to play a Golden Pineapples," said coach Hannes Wolf players before the match at FC Recklinghausen. The tomorrow of Aplerbeck opponents among the top addresses of the league. But the guests do after their victories against Weisstal swords and not to hide. Wolf's optimism is nurtured also from the fact that with Giovanni Schiattarella, Mohamed Lmcademali and Dominik Buchwald three performance carrier after injury breaks back to the old form place. Next must renounce the ASC on all-rounder Rafik Halim, which is still in the honeymoon is located.

ASC: Piontek, Neef, Buchwald, Hense, M. Mihajlovic, Woidtke, Schiattarella, Lmcademali, Nolte, Moreira, Wolf.


Invitation to the national team can come: Tyrala holds the Passport

Bad Sassendorf. (fan) At this moment Tyrala Sebastian had long waited. On Monday morning could be professional footballers from Bad Sassendorf, currently for BV Borussia Dortmund II plays his Polish passport in Cologne pick up.

Racibórz born in the 20-year-old Polish document had sought to intervene in the national team of his birth country can be appointed. "I think that the invitation not too long to wait for it," said Sebastian Tyrala. Tyralas club Borussia comrade "Kuba" already reported to him by a certain euphoria in Poland to the "new" citizens and potential national players.


Kullmann Supertor brings Borussia 2 again in the road to success

It goes. With a substantial increase in performance and a deserved 2-0 at the U 23 FC Schalke, the Borussia 2 in the top group of Regionalliga returned.

"Victory against Schalke are always very beautiful," rejoiced junior coordinator Lars Ricken after the Pari-Eickel tub in front of 906 spectators, including some 700 Borussen-trailers.

"Amazingly, the manner in which this power after the bust home against Lotte came into being," said coach Theo Schneider, whose team this is no weakness there. And finally, the Borussen played back to zero. "It has clearly seen that we have from the last defeat have learned," says Sebastian Hille, which again played in the attack, after he earlier in the defense ausgeholfen had. On the left side of the defensive foursome chain stood against Schalke professional loan Delron Buckley. Even the South Africans made his case properly, especially when it comes to the front turns. After his Hereingaben (38., 56.) had Borussen Tyrala by and large Kreutz 'hit the post more hits can be achieved.

The victory was already in the 19th Minute initiated: Christopher Kullmann left with a "murder shot from 20 meters in the Bundesliga Schalke goalkeeper Ralf experienced boatman no chance. "This gateway formed the crux of the matter," said Schneider.

The only shortcoming in the Borussen was the chance recovery: Yasin Öztekin for example, graduated in the offensive midfield while running a huge workload, but left before the opposing goal consistency and miss out.

The Borussen must learn herauszuspielen gates. Because even the second was found after a single action: Vrangic transformed one to Öztekin indebted foul penalty. "It was still a good team performance, we must now Tuesday in a home match against Kaiserslautern demand," said Marcel Midfielder large Kreutz.

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse; Hillenbrand, cooking, Hünemeier, Buckley; large Kreutz, Vrangic, Tyrala (89. Piossek), Öztekin; Hille (78. Gordon), Kullmann (90. Omerbegovic). Tore: 0:1 Kullmann (19), 0:2 Vrangic (33, foul penalty).


Borussia played against Kaiserlauten

The Borussia Dortmund 2 Sheehan yesterday with 1:2 (1:1) against the reserve of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern its second home defeat in a row and missed the return to the table top of the Regionalliga West.

Coach Theo Schneider had his team to the victory at FC Schalke 04 on the defensive just changed. As professional Delron Buckley yesterday not available, Daniel Gordon came into the starting eleven. Marcel large Kreutz moved to the defensive midfield into defense center, where he made Julian cooking space. The junior played for on the left side of the quad chain.

At least in the first minute saw himself back Borussias newly formed team is not in the picture: A lightning-fast counter to the guests by Sebastian Stachnik Top Scorers brought the Palatine few seconds after the kick-off in leadership. The early Gegentor threw the Borussen although appreciable back, but it was not long before Sebastian Hille with a shot an uncertainty of the Fair's conclusion to compensate Kevin Trapp (14) took advantage.

It developed into a very passable game in the stadium Red Earth, whose new floodlight 596 spectators saw. Both teams went a high tempo, the Borussen offered mainly by Kullmann (45.) the chance to lead.

But even with only one top attacking Lautern always remained dangerous. And again it was a counterrevolution, the second hit of the guests led (64). The Borussen designed while the final phase clearly in their favor, but after the unnecessary red card for Daniel Gordon (72.) were due After removing the chances of Borussen greatly minimized.

Both coaches said in unison, the opponent yesterday was the heaviest so far been. Schneider: "We are finally gone high risk. It helped nothing. "

Borussia Dortmund 2: Kruse; Hillenbrand, large Kreutz, Hünemeier, Koch, Gordon, Vrancic, Tyrala, Özteki (63. Omerbegovic); Kullmann, Hille (83. Schneider). Tore: 0:1 Stachnik (1), 1:1 Hille (14), 1:2 Reinert (64), Special events: Red card for Gordon because after removing (72.)